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THE FIRST PURGE - Why is this not a Battle Royale Game

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The First Purge movie is Ironically my first experience with the Purge franchise. Prior to walking into the theater blind, I don't even think I'd ever seen a full trailer for the series. I'd seen pictures from the films and the masks but never anything of substance from any of the initial films in the trilogy.

With the intro out-of-the-way, the First Purge is a highly entertaining experience. It's not a really deep or profound film and the premise falls apart as soon as you put any thought into it. The film's strengths come when you stop being critical of the idea and just accept the story for what it is, a fun and violent sandbox.

The characters don't really have much depth to them and wear all of their traits on their sleeves: Y'lan Noel plays the neighborhood drug dealer whom doubles as the defacto hero of the story; Lex Scott Davis plays Nya - a tough sista from the block who is one of the only characters shown to actively speak out against the purge experiment; Joivan Wade, who plays Nya's younger brohter, is a young guy lacking direction in a rough environment. There are a few antagonists in the film that standout including the The New Founding Fathers - the political party pushing "the purge experiment" as a means of population control. There's also the Psychotic dope fiend Skeletor that revels in the chaos and lawlessness afforded to him by the Purge. Although all of the characters are pretty light in the depth department, they all have charisma solid chemistry and are clearly having fun with the material.

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The movie only really works because of the tight direction of the film as Gerard McMurray does an excellent job of tying all of the threads together. Nothing is wasted in this movie. If you see something on screen or feel that something is being foreshadowed, it is. Every piece of real estate in this movie is used. This is a journeymen approach to film's direction.

The movie however isn't perfect. I watch a lot of movies and television...Most of the scenes in the movie are somewhat predictable and I called most of the key plot points before they even happened on-screen. This is a definite negative but the experience isn't totally derailed because the movie is very immersive. I could totally see a video game based on this setting. How this hasn't happened yet is beyond my understanding...

I was thoroughly entertained by of The First Purge. I'm going to go back and binge the rest of the series because the world building and setting is top notch. I had no interest in the franchise until now. The movie isn't a masterpiece but it's worth your time.


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