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Originally Posted: April 4, 2015

Cyclops by Salvador Larroca

When I was a kid I remembered Cyclops being one of the X-men that was always on the team but never really cared about. I liked Wolverine because of his aggressive nature and Nightcrawler because he was a visual masterwork in character design.

I never really cared for The first Xmen, Scott Summers. He was the boy scout. No one is really attracted to the the boyscout or the goody two shoes. Cyclops has the same problem that Captain America, Superman and Leonardo from, Ninja Turtles has. he was stoic, dependable and...boring. Chances are if you are a Wolverine, Deadpool or a Punisher Fan you weren't walking around singing the praises of ole one eye.

Cyclops by Johnny Rockwell

As I got older and had kids, failed relationships, lost loved ones got married, had mental breakdowns, fell out with the family I had grown up with and thought I knew. I knew I had to seriously reevaluate my life from the perspective of an adult with responsibilities bigger than myself. My family as opposed to just me and my problems I gained an appreciation for Cyclops.

He's a loner, socially awkward and is constantly butting heads with his team. His wife (Jean) is attracted to another man and he knows it. His family is a mess, his son (Cable) older than he is and has more life experience than he does. His Father figure (Xavier) is full of shit but he's expected to always have it together, all the time.

“Despite our differences over the years, we shared one thing in common: we were there...For all of it. We lost friends. Buried sons. But we never stopped...Until I broke things. I broke her trust. I broke our team. I broke his faith. I’ve broken everything...But we don’t get to quit. I can’t absolve my sins. But I can make the world better today. Our people need me, and I’m going to fight for them. You would.” — Scott Summers ”

Yes, I can totally relate to Cyclops

I continued to stick with my comics and over time I realized that Cyclops had become my favorite X-Man.

Nightcrawler died, I grew past my Wolverine phase (As most of us did). Scott "Slim" Summers seemed to have the same issues I had, only worst. His son dies, his wife dies, his parents are dead or presumed dead, his surrogate father lies about the existence of his brother none of the other Superheroes in his field really respect him beyond lip service.

Cyclops & Cable by John Romita Jr & Scott Lobdell: Uncanny X-Men 310 1994

Instead of giving up, Cyclops kept plowing forward doing the best he could to protect his family and his people. He became jaded but still focused on the goal of defending Xavier’s Dream. He’s still a hero and a consummate boy scout his worldview has just been shaped to a natural edge in light of all the traumatic traumatic experiences he's had since he and his brother were tossed out of an airplane by his parents with little chance of survival.

Even more surprising, Cyclops views started on Mutant kind and their struggles began to fall in line with my feelings as an African-American Male in America and the constant struggles we face in a country that in many instances would rather we were dead, hidden away or in prison, generally speaking.

Cyclop's actions reflect a man who has dealt with the worst of life and is still standing. He's still putting himself on the line for his family and Mutant kind after having hell rained down upon him since he was a preteen. He may not be immortal like Wolverine or perfect like Captain America but he’s just as much of a Hero doing the best that he can. He may fail, he may make mistakes but that is what life is. A series of successes and failures given form. We're all molded by the clay of experience.

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