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She-Ra Reimagining a Reimagining

The She-Ra Reboot being produced by Noelle Stevenson (Lumberjanes) Came and went with about as much fanfare as a fart in an elevator. The reception to the new design has mostly been split. Some fans believe that the new Princess of Power looks like a boy others believe that the redesign is well... mediocre. I honestly seen anyone that was excited based squarely on the character designs, but we're in labor now and the baby is coming whether we're ready or not.

Supporters of the new design are quick to say that the detractors are Man-babies, or pervs mad because the new She-Ra doesn't have Boobs, Curves or Hips. The detractors deny any female opinion that the design may be flawed and stick to the narrative that the only people with problems are men.

For a micro-chasm of the discussion I've posted a link to the thread going on right now in our FB Group

Rather than crap on the property any more than is necessary. I figured I would share some Fan-art that has been produced since the announcement. All of these designs are great and in the spirit of what I believe Noelle and her team were going for.

What do you think of what we know so far and the designs below?

Artists have all be credited with links to their social media footprints.

1. by Mingjue Helen Chen

She-Ra by Mingjue Helen Chen

2. by Nesskain

3. by CON PREP

She-Ra by CON PREP

4. by Jellypuffer

She-Ra by Jellypuffer

5. by Miguel Mercado‏

SheRa by Miguel Mercado‏

6. by Ramón Nuñez

7. by Pure_Stevil

SheRa by Pure Stevil

8. by Sansho

She Ra by Sansho

8. by Savanna Ganucheau‏

9. by Ranran Zhou

10. by Khary Randolph

***Bonus OG She-RA***

She-Ra will kick your ass by Nebezial

What I like about the fanart being produced is that most stick to the design of the new show but also infuse She-Ra with the femininity that is sorely lacking in the in the initial reveal. Will the show be a success or a disaster? I won't go so far as to write it off just because of a few still images. We haven't seen a trailer or seen the characters in motion. The designs are leagues better than what was revealed recently with Thundercats Roar & the reimagined Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, theres hope and potential here.

Lets just hope they get the art direction changes by Season 2.

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