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Maybe Wolverine should have just stayed dead...

Wolverine Promo Image by Adam Kubert

I'm a lifelong Fan of the

X-men. For years Wolverine was one of my favorite characters.

In recent years Wolverines Stock has fallen pretty low in my eyes. He's been over exposed, overrated and stories involving the character have lacked real imagination for years.

Many of the endearing qualities that made Logan a fan favorite have been lost over the years. Wolverine is no longer a loner. He's been apart of every major Marvel team, sometimes at the same time. There's no mysterious past to speak of. The character has been stripped and we know everything about him. Even Logan's meager rogues gallery has been killed or severely neutered. Sabertooth, Wolverine's arch nemesis has essentially become an Anti-hero. Marvel made the smart decision to give Classic Wolverine a break in 2014 by killing him off but within months gave us more Wolverine than ever. He was replaced with several incarnations including Old Man Logan, X-23 taking up the mantle and Jimmy Hudson, the son of Ultimate Wolverine whom ended up joining the X-Team over in X-men blue. Wolverine dying didn't make the over-saturation argument go away it just made it worse.

In September of 2017 "Classic Wolverine" re-appeared at the start of Marvel Legacy with about as much excitement as a fart in the wind. Some of the mystery of the character was re-established by default considering the character was miraculously back from the dead and also carrying an infinity stone (Another overused plot device). Since then his reintegration into the Marvel universe has been really sloppy. Instead of just making his presence known, the story has been dragged out across several mini-series and one shots.

Wolverine- Marvel Legacy #1 2017

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  • Hunt for Wolverine: The Adamantium Agenda #1-4

  • Hunt for Wolverine: The Claws of a Killer #1-4

  • Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #1-4

  • Hunt for Wolverine: Dead Ends


Wolverine will finally officially return to in a new series this September written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Declan Shalvey & Steve McNiven. The titular X-men will debut a new costume and also a new power. His claw's get...really....hot now.

The comic may be great. Charles Soule is an awesome writer at times. Declan and Steve are amazing storytellers but the concept of Wolverine having "Hot Claws" as the main selling point of the series is just goofy and highlights a lack of real imagination coming out of the house of ideas.

Wolverine's most famous characteristic is that he has 1Ft long Adamantium claws that can cut through practically anything. The argument to be made is what is the point of this change, and how does having Adamantium Hot pokers add anything to the character other than a cool visual...

I'll wait....

Wolverine Fleer Trading Card Image 1995

The new ability just highlights an old problem with Wolverine. He's overexposed and there's really not much else to say with the character. Logan has had success as a solo character but he works best as a part of an ensemble cast. Ensemble meaning not several teams at the same time. This is best exemplified by Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men run or the Classic Claremont era Logan back in the 80's and 90's. Wolverine can get his moments of character focus and still be a badass but when the focus is on him alone there isn't much new you can do with the character.

Wolverine by Joss Whedon & John Cassaday

There's only so many times you can have him lose his healing factor, Amp up or de-power his healing factor, introduce a old friend or relationship from his past that the audience didn't know about before.

Old Man Logan may not be as popular as Classic Wolverine but he maintains the mystery of the character and benefits from having 30 years of history shrouded. Old Logan also benefits by not being indestructible it's easier to relate to the character. He feels pain and has to get creative to solve problems. He can't just jump into battle without considering the outcome. This makes for a more compelling character.

Old Man Logan and Jimmy X-Men Gold #13

Laura Kenny X-23 is a younger female clone of Logan. Her series is popular and by default her backstory and interactions with characters will be totally different from the run of the mil Wolverine Story.

With Classic Wolverines return Laura will go back to being X-23. Old Man Logan will probably be killed off.

Jimmie Hudson never really interested me to begin with he's moreso another shadow of Wolverine. With the X-men extermination event happening. He may be either killed off or sent back to the ultimate universe.

Marvel is going back to status quo. The "hot claws" power being added is proving that they still don't have a long term plan for the for Wolverine and are just throwing ideas out no matter how ridiculous they are.

Most of the other stand-ins are being removed from the board.

Will we get a new golden age of Wolverine stories. I doubt it. Maybe Marvel should just seriously retire the character and give us a real break from the Wolverine Archetype.

or maybe Logan should have just stayed dead...

Death of Wolverine by Steve McNiven

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