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The Joker/Daffy Duck #1 Special Remastered Review - A Total Misfire

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Scott Lobdell (writer) • Brett Booth (pencils)

Andrew Dalhouse (Colorist) • DC Comics (Publisher)

• Brett Booth, Jonathan Glapion, Andrew Dalhouse (Cover Artists)

Sanford Greene (Variant Cover) • Get it now (Comixology)

This is a borderline irredeemable comic that skates by with the slimmest of margins. Scott Lobdell has a great voice for Daffy Duck. This version fits with whatever incarnation of the character you remember in your head and probably has the same voice. The problem with the book comes from the co-lead of the crossover. Brett Booth's rendition of Joker is off and it breaks the immersion within the story. After a few pages, the Joker's look goes from being just weird and becomes a distraction.

This depiction of Joker was probably done to contrast the more realistic take on Daffy but its a complete and utter failure. Sanford Greene provides the variant cover art and seems to get the spirit of both characters in a single image. Joker/Daffy Duck #1 seems to be a case of the wrong artist attached to the wrong story. If Sanford Greene or Bruce Timm were working on this project the comic may have come together visually.

The art isn't all bad though and I won't pretend it is. When Brett Booth isn't creeping me out with the Joker everything else looks amazing. Booth is a legend and it shines throughout the book. The comic is energetic and the story moves at a brisk pace.

Andrew Dalhouse also does a great job as a colorist. The lighting is always impeccable and there is always something visually interesting to look at. The Joker/Daffy Duck is ultimately a forgettable comic but if Brett had picked another design for the Joker I would have had no complaints regarding the art direction of the issue.

The script isn't all that great either which is a shame because the pitch is really interesting. Daffy stumbles into a Joker hit. He manages to talks himself out of getting murdered and unintentionally end ups becoming Joker's lead henchman.

Joker seems to be way over the top even for Daffy and it undermines the entire story. It's weird to think of Joker as the main problem with a comic but it's the truth. Lobdell seems to just be writing to collect a check and the story ends up wrapping up too fast and a bit too easily.

If you're buying the comic for completionist's sake or the novelty of the Looney Tunes/DC crossover the book is worth reading and adding to the collection. I've revisited this comic three times since the initial post and it never gets better. Scott and Brett are legendary creators but this book was a misfire.

Rating 6.5/10

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