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HARLEY QUINN/GOSSAMER SPECIAL #1 Remastered Review - "Such an interesting Monster"

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti (Writers) • Pier Brito (Pencils)

Paul Mounts (Colorist) • Amanda Conner & Paul mounts (Cover Artists)

Joe Quinones (Variant Cover) • DC Comics (Publisher)

I had no expectations for this comic but walked away from it with a sincere smile on my face. I am not a Harley Quinn fan. I find her to be overrated, annoying and in most cases incorrigible. A broken clock is right twice a day and in this instance, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Pier Brito knock this one-shot out of the park.

Harley meets Gossamer after a Hurricane washes the Monster up on the beach. They become fast friends. Harley takes the monster home and attempts to give it a makeover. This works out about as well as can be expected. The failed makeover is interrupted by another giant metallic monster that has decided to attack. The story then shifts focus to find out who sent the robot after them.

Harley Quinn Is the MVP of the issue. She has great moments with Batman, Joker, and pretty much any other character interaction. I also appreciate the Poison Ivy cameos in this issue. It's pretty clear that Ivy and Harley are in a relationship and it's conveyed matter of factly rather than to push some sort of political message. The characters are presented as real people that genuinely care about each other. The Harley-Ivy scenes are brief but I appreciated them nonetheless.

In contrast to the other DC/Looney Tunes crossovers that were released this week the backup feature in this issue actually works great. The story reads like a standard Looney Tunes Gossamer short with Harley acting as a stand-in for Bugs Bunny. The art is beautifully rendered by David Alvarez and Sholly Fisch nails all of the character voices.

I'm not sure If I will go back and pick up any Harley Quinn comics in the future but I will be less likely to dismiss her at the outset. This One-Shot proved to me that the character can work on her own and in a lead role. I know that will get a "duh" response from her fanbase but for me that's a huge compliment.

Rating: 9/10

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