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Savage Days, Dark Knights: Wolverine Vs. Batman

Updated: May 11, 2020

Story by Jemal Baraka

Wolverine Vs Batman by Miyata1987

It's rare that you find someone gutted in the street. I mean, murders happen every day in Gotham. We're the cesspool circus of the world as the media would have you believe. There's bats, clowns, penguins and we even have plant women. It's worse here than Detroit they say.

The last thing I need in Gotham is some crazed mutant running around murdering people. I've been tracking this guy for 3 days and have finally located his hideout. He would give the League of Shadows a run for their money in the stealth department but when the sun goes down, I rise, I am Batman.

Wolverine chose a small shack behind a local cemetery on the outskirts of Gotham. It was secluded and kept him focused on the stakes of his mission. Hopefully, no one else had to die except for...

Before Wolverine could complete his thought, smoke filled the shed. Everything in his body began to burn. Shortly after he began to lose consciousness. Wolverine was a mutant with the ability to heal from anything. His powers also had the added benefit of metabolizing most toxins. He shouldn't have gone under but...

Wolverine Restrained by Nar and Juan Fernandez

“Wake up James” Wolverine was immediately aware that he had been restrained. He looked around but didn't see anything, just the sounds of an ethereal disembodied voice

“Why are you here?” the voice said.

.“Shit, I’m impressed! Not too many people get the drop on me. Feels like I have a hangover. You can't imagine how many beers it takes to get me drunk." Wolverine clearly wasn't taking the situation seriously.

“Why are you in my city” the voice repeated.

“Enough of this crap” Wolverine breaks the restraints and pops his claws. He immediately regrets it as he screams and his arms are shredded, Arggh!!!

Batman V Wolverine by John Law

“You’ve been inhaling a fast-acting Metahuman inhibitor toxin for the past few hours you've been under. It was designed to disable Kryptonian regenerative abilities. It also causes degradation of the central nervous system. If you don't get an antidote you're going to die." the voice said.

“Well if that's all you think I got, you’re screwed.” Wolverine's vision adapted to the darkness and he was able to see Batman as clear as day. He charged forward snatching Batman out of the shadows. He also pierced the would-be heroes' shoulder with his Adamantium claws, Batman let out an audible gasp.

“The eye's works just fine, you’ve got about five seconds to give me the antidote or I give you a lobotomy. Wolverine's hand was around Batman's throat. The other hand hovering dangerously close to his temple.

"I'm not some clown son, I don't do riddles, but I'm pretty much the best at the one thing I'm good at. I don't take out heroes but if you stay in my way trust me, I will put you in the ground.”

Batman suddenly boxed both of Wolverine's temples and kneed Wolverine in the groin in a fluid sequence of motions. Logan staggered back realizing Batman was telling the truth. There was something seriously wrong with his healing factor.

Batman pressed a button on his mask which set off a dog whistle type siren. The high intensity of the sound quickly overwhelmed the X-Men's enhanced senses. Wolverine fell to his knees. Argh, Dammit Logan yelled!!!!

Bat in the Sun: Batman V Wolverine

Wolverine retracted his claws. I may need you alive but I don't need you walking.” he growled.

The two men exchange blows and Batman begins to realize that there is more to this animal than he could have ever imagined. As a fighter, Wolverine was on par with some of the best combatants he'd ever encountered.

He doubted that he could win this battle under normal circumstances. The mutant's skeleton being laced with Adamantium made each strike feel as if he was being hit with brass knuckles. He began to wonder if he could survive at all if Wolverine hadn't decided to retract his claws at the start of the exchange.

Wolverine catches Batman in the sternum with enough force to drop a normal man. Batman spits up blood but manages to headbutt Wolverine's nose breaking it.

Batman VS Wolverine by Ardian-Syaf

“You’re wasting time mutant”, Batman said gasping for air. “Why are you here? I don't want you to die, but I will not let you murder anyone else!”.

Wolverine fell back and considered his situation. He let Batman go. “My daughter has been kidnapped, she flew into Gotham on a job, it went bad. I tracked her here. She’s being held by a man named Two-face. I’ve killed 2 men tracking him.

I didn't want to, never been a straight-up murderer but I'm not gonna lose any sleep over two creeps that had it coming. I got one more misguided idiot in my sights. You can help me find my daughter or die here with me. I guarantee you’ll go first, your call bub".

With that the claws popped again...

To Be Continued...

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