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TMNT: Bebop & Rocksteady Hit the Road #1 Review/Analysis

Co-Writer: Ben Bates and writer/artist Dustin Weaver

IDW Publishing


The series opens with Bebop & Rocksteady in New Mexico traveling in their convertible to New York. The discuss possibly turning over a new leaf and becoming heroes. They crash when Rocksteady notices his ear has reverted back to a human ear. He freaks out and cuts the ear off and throws it away.

The scene shifts to Kirkland Air force base. Agent Ravenwood, an agent of the Earth Protection Force (EPF) reveals that she has been serving since 1955. She is a musclebound woman that looks impossibly young to have been serving since 1955. She says that she is in Mexico because Bebop & Rocksteady have been spotted. Unlike other EPF leaders she notes that not all mutants are dangerous and that she will try to capture Bebop & Rocksteady alive if possible. The book transitions to Hector Baralles, a young man trying to make a career as a U-Tube star hunting monsters. He's searching for monsters and while traveling he spots Bebop & Rocksteady's convertible. Upon further investigation he notices movement and runs back to his truck but doesn't escape. He's confronted by the two mutants.

Bebop & Rocksteady Hit the Road #1 variant by Corey Smith & Brittany Peer

Hector is fascinated by the Bebop and Rocksteady. He explains that he is a social media personality tracking monsters. He's looking for a monster that has been cited in the area. Bebop & Rocksteady and Bebop see this as an opportunity to be heroes and decide to help hector out, after robbing him for gas.

While driving the guys discuss nicknames and Hector says he's been thinking of taking the name Razamatazz. Bebop declares the name as awesome. Immediately afterward the trio are attacked by Wingnut & Screwloose.

The fight escalates quickly. Rocksteady's arm reverts back to a human limb. He freaks out and is carried off by Wingnut to a canyon with a tower perched on top of it. Wingnut and Screwloose explain that the purpose of the tower is to send a signal home so that they can be rescued from the planet. Rocksteady listens to the Aliens and responds that their planet sounds dumb.

Bebop leaves Razamatazz and crashes the car into the tower drawing Wingnut's attention. While distracted Rocksteady rushes Wingnut, knocking him off of it. The subsequent crash and Bebop's ramming causes the tower to collapse. This enrages the aliens and they attack Rocksteady. Before they can deliver the killing blow Bebop throws the convertible at Wingnut & Screwloose knocking them off of the canyon and to their deaths.

Bebop notices that his foot has reverted back to human. Both he and rocksteady roam the area quickly transforming back human form. The issue transitions to the location where Wingnut and Screwloose crashed.

Agents find the body of Wingnut and the convertible. Wingnut isn't dead but it's revealed that agents are presumably operating outside of the timestream. They say that wingnut will be held in stasis in a lab that will burn down in a few weeks and that the car isn't an issue. The agents decide to leave without doing anything at all because they feel the assignment is above their pay-grade.

A set of eyes view the events taking place as interesting and the issue ends.


Bebop & Rocksteady hit the Road #1 is an interesting Read. The plot isn't earth- shaking but it follows the misadventures of a couple of my favorite TMNT villains. The characters are idiots so the story is as goofy as you can imagine. It will be interesting to see how the series develops. The characters reverting back to human seems to distress them which would seem to be the opposite reaction I would have if I had been transformed into a worthog or a rhino.

The funniest aspect of the comic is that Bebop & Rocksteady are hopelessly dumb bad guys. I doubt that they could ever really become heroes even if they put their minds to it.

The surprise of the issue came when the antagonist of the comic appear in the form of Wingnut & Screwloose. It was fun seeing them. I remember having their action figures when I was a kid and playing with them in TMNT tournament fighters on the SNES. It was a great piece of nostalgia. I didn't like that they beaten so quickly but it was a nice cameo nevertheless.

Wingnut & Screwloose circa. 1990

The one aspect of the story I didn't care for was the art. Ben Bates isn't a bad artist but the style chosen for this book isn't really my cup of tea. It's a really busy art style. It works for storytelling purposes. I can tell what's going on but I can't really recommend the art beyond that.

Rating: C

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