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TMNT: Bebop & Rocksteady Hit the Road #2 Review/Analysis

Co-Writer: Ben Bates and writer/artist Dustin Weaver

IDW Publishing

Bebop & Rocksteady Hit the Road #2 Dustin Weaver Variant


Bebop & Rocksteady hit the road #2 opens with the aftermath of a Bebop & Rocksteady attack. Special Agent Ravenwood vows to catch the Mutants. She expresses empathy toward them. She state that she knows something about the trauma of mutation. Hinting that there is more to her than meets the eye. She finds a survivor that was thrown into a tree and he confirms the attack.

The scene transitions to Bebop & Rocksteady jumping onto a train car. After throwing a hobo off of the train Bebop says that the mutation is wearing off. He calls the change back to human a nightmare. At this point they have reverted completely back to normal.

After getting off the train Bebop & Rocksteady decide to go the straight & narrow path and get jobs since they aren't mutants anymore. They immediately mug some guys for food and clothes. The scene transitions to Bebop & Rocksteady performing various jobs and failing miserably.

Bebop & Rocksteady get Jobs Art by Ben Bates

The Earth Protection Force (EPF) find the guy that was thrown off of the train and through him are able to pinpoint Bebop & Rocksteady's location.

Bebop gets fired from his job cleaning debris after he accidentally sets an old ladies home on fire. Rocksteady during the same period has somehow become a foreman at a port. He tell's Bebop that he can get him a job. Bebop arrives at work in street clothes and is promptly dressed down by Rocksteady. He goes to find some pants and hard hat and while looking for gear he runs into Xiang Fei Tong. They had a prior run-in in the Main TMNT series back when Bebop & Rocksteady were apart of the Foot Clan. Xiang doesn't recognize Bebop because he's in human form. Rocksteady walks up and recognizes Xiang. Once she realizes what's going on calls on her crew to attack. With no means to defend themselves Bebop & Rocksteady retreat.

The mutants run into a truck passing by. The guy in the truck tells them to get in and they can calls the cops. This causes Bebop & Rocksteady to realize that they aren't cut out to be normal people. They kill the truck driver, take it, and crash into Xiang's henchmen.

Bebop & Rocksteady Humanized by Ben Bates

The battle with Xiang's forces causes a huge explosion that draws the attention of the (EPF)

Xiang releases her Ghost Bots on Bebop and Rocksteady and they are quickly dispatched. Rocksteady is sliced across the chest and thrown into a dumpster. Bebop attempts to get away and takes multiple gunshots wounds as he falls out of a window into the same dumpster.

One of the Ghost Bots finds them and right before he is about to kill Bebop & Rocksteady he is attacked by their pet dinosaur. Another Bot finds them and at that moment Agent Ravenwood and the EPF arrive calling for Xiangs forces to stand down.

Xiang calls her crew to action and this leads to a huge battle between the EPF and Xiang's forces. Agent Ravenwood gets into a one on one confrontation with Xiang and its revealed that she is some sort of Mutant with the ability to stretch limbs and possibly control her mass. She quickly takes Xiang down securing Victory for the EPF.

Agent Ravenwood is a Mutant

Afterward the EPF agents advise that they have captured the rest of Xiang's crew. Ravenwood says she doesn't care about Xiang and reiterates that she only wants Bebop and Rocksteady. Her agents scramble to find the mutants not realizing that they are still bleeding out in the dumpster.


This issue was absolutely insane. Bebop & Rocksteady trying and immediately failing at being good guys is comic gold. This is mainly because every time an evil opportunity presents itself they can't help but to take it.

The art still isn't working for me most of the time but when the action amps up its actually great. I saw the reveal that Ravenwood was a mutant coming. It will be interesting to see how she holds up in a direct confrontation with Bebop and Rocksteady. She takes down Xiang in a couple panels which was pretty impressive and unexpected.

Another observation is that while they are pure idiots. Bebop & Rocksteady are both very resourceful and make the most of any situation they get into. This makes them very dangerous villains and kind of gives context to why they give the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a hard time during fights even though they are about as bright as a 20 Watt Bulb.

Rating B

Bebop & Rocksteady: Hit the Road 2 RI Cover by Ulises Farinas

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