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The Silencer Annual #1 Review

Art by: Jack Herbert

Cover by: Tyler Kirkham

Written by: Dan Abnett

The Silencer Annual #1 Cover by Tyler Kirkham

Here are the facts, The Silencer's "Zone of Silence" is one of the coolest powers in comic history. When Honor Guest is in her Silencer persona she's an awesome character. She's a morally dubious anti hero a'la Geena Davis in the Long Kiss Goodnight mashed Arnold Schwarzenegger from True Lies. As awesome as Silencer is, the minute the action slows down and the character slips into her civilian identity of Honor Guest her stories all seem to fall apart. Silencer Annual #1 follows this trend of giving us a great story, art, and action but fails whenever things slow down.

The story covers a flashback to before Honor Guest left the indoctrination of Talia Al Ghul. She's sent on a mission to Gotham to protect Batman from another assassin that has been dispatched by her father, Ra's Al Ghul. In the middle of protecting a family from being murdered, Batman arrives and a battle ensues.

Batman V The Silencer by Jack Herbert

Batman seeks answers while Silencer has been directed not to give Batman any information. The fight is fittingly epic and really highlights the range of the Artist Jake Herbert. Both characters get their licks in but there is no clear winner to the exchange. My only minor gripe is that the battle could have gone on a few more pages. This issue further valids Silencer character as she's recently gone toe to toe with Batman and Deathstroke and either walked away victorious or or taken them to a draw.

When the real villain shows up Batman & Silencer team up to take them down. It's really a basic team up but the art really sales the story being told.

Silencer & Batman's connection revealed

The only negative that I have is that Silencers husband either needs to be killed off or seriously revamped. Everytime Honor Guest engages with her family the story slows down to a crawl. I know that her family is her primary motivation but the Husband's lack of any interesting qualities other than being perfect come off as being unrealistic. It would seem that at this point he would at least suspect something was going on with a woman carrying this much baggage. I sense that the reveal of Silencers former life will become a plot point down the line but at this time every time the couple interact I get zone out.

There are many more positives than negatives within this issue. As stated initially, the art is great and presents another great adventure for the character. Silencer continues to be one of the most interesting new characters to be featured in DC Comics. I'm always excited by the monthly progression for this character and look forward to the next issue.

Rating: B

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