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Iron Fist: Season 2 Episode 1-3 Review

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I didn't love Iron Fist's first season. I can't really say I liked it at all . There were a couple decent moments that managed to hit the dizzying heights of mediocre, but show didn't really connect with me. That being said, I wasn't all that excited going into season 2.

Season 2 opens with a fight scene in the middle of Chinatown. There's a gangwar developing between the Hatchet gang and the Triad. Danny has moved in with Colleen Wing and has taken a day job with a moving company. Davo's, Danny's rival from season 1 has formed an alliance with Joy Meachum to destroy Danny and her brother Ward. The details of their plan aren't revealed in the first few episodes.

There a a couple new characters introduced, the most interesting being "Mary" played by Alice Green. She's very clearly Typhoid Mary of Daredevil fame. She has the look and has the split personality from the comic. It will be interesting to see how the character develops. Mary has been a fixture in Daredevil comics since the 80's but since Iron Fist doesn't really have a rogues gallery I guess she's a solid addition to the cast.

Alice green as Typhoid Mary?

Starting with the negatives first, episodes 1-3 are boring. If the series was not under the Marvel Cinematic Universe banner I'm not sure it have made it through an entire season of production on network television. I don't even think I would have watched any more than these episodes if the option to binge wasn't available. The series has a new showrunner in Raven Metzner. The overall tone and fight scenes are a bit more consistent but that's not really saying much when the first season was dogsh*t.

The second big gripe is the lead, Finn Jones himself. He's not a terrible

actor, he's just miscast. He lacks presence or the intensity needed for this particular role. I keep wanting 90's Van Damme or Brandon Lee and the best we could muster is Finn? With the story not being the most interesting to this point

and Finn's complete failure to elevate any of the material, it just makes the situation worse. There are intangible qualities needed for an action based series work and Mr. Jone's does not have those qualities. The series suffers for it. This is not on Finn Jones the actor's fault. He does the best he can with the material and you can see that he's been working hard to make this role work. This issue falls squarely on the producers.

On a positive note, Tom Pelphrey continues to be the standout as Ward Meachum. He's likable, naturally charismatic while still being a bit of a slimy asshole. If we didn't already have a younger Han Solo, Tom would be my pick for the role. The character is the most human and fleshed out in the cast and that's worth mentioning.

I also enjoy Sasha Dhewan's, Devos. The character is a bit too one dimensional but considering the circumstances I guess that's the point. He's focused on his mission and doesn't have much energy for anything else.

The only notable moment in these 3 episodes is the flashback to the battle between Danny & Davos in K'un Lun. Its appropriately brutal but ultimately fails to connect because Finn can't deliver and also because the comic accurate iron Fist costume comes off as goofy in live action. I know the costume can work its just not happening here.

It really seems like Iron Fist should have been put in front of a focus group before being broadcast and maybe needed another pass at the conceptual phase of development. Something just seems to be missing from the core and as it stands this is the weakest start to a Marvel Netflix series so far.

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