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TMNT: Bebop & Rocksteady Hit the Road #3 Review/Rumination

Bebop & Rocksteady: Hit the Road #3 by Browne, Ryan

Bebop & Rocksteady hit the road #3 picks up not too long after the previous issue. Somehow or another our leads have ended up in a sewer drain and are bleeding out on the verge of death.

Salvanti Romero appears out of the blue and offers to save the them and turn them back into mutants if they become his henchmen again. Rocksteady & Bebop agree and are transformed as promised to their mutant forms. Salvanti bind's Bebop's broken arm and tells them that they are to accompany him to the 79th Dimension and kill "Supreme Justice Lord Discordance". He threatens to turn them back to human if they don't agree. Salvanti also tells them that he has been chased by Discordance for about a decade but admits that he he can't win the battle because the henchmen he recruits always end up stabbing him in the back. Bebop & Rocksteady agree to help since they have no other alternative.

The scene shifts to Agent Ravenwood still in pursuit of the mutants. She watches footage of Bebop & Rocksteady in the dumpster from last issue not realizing who they are because of their human forms. While watching the playback they suddenly disappear from the film. In the distance there is an explosion. The blast is Lord Discordance arriving into our dimension. He tells his crew to lock down the city so that Salvanti cannot escape.

Salvanti, Bebop, and Rocksteady attempt to escape to his ship but are quickly tracked. Salvini sends them out in weaponized pods to defend the ship, but being that Bebop & Rocksteady are idiots, they fly off leaving Salvanti defenseless.

Ravenwood's team arrives to the scene in a helicopter and tell's Bebop's pod to stand down but he decides to attack her and rams the chopper almost knocking her off and to the streets below.

Lord Discordance's forces continue to pursue Salvini but get attacked by Rocksteady. He's able to take down multiple ships but almost crashes in the process.

Ravenwood's forces surround Bebop with multiple choppers. She tells him to surrender and come with her and promises that no one will get hurt. He reject's her offer and continues to ram her helicopter with his ship. This prompts her to pull out a huge gun and blast his Pod. Bebop leaps out of his pot onto one of the Helicopters. He drags the one chopper into another one causing them both to explode. The explosion causes him to freefall but luckily he lands into Salvini's ship.

Lord Discordance gets close enough to Salvini to tap into his radio frequency. They toss threats back and forth until they are interrupted by Rocksteady who is also on the channel. Who Bebop pulls up behind both ships. He fires another energy blast and. It does minimal damage to Discordance's ship but causes Salvini to crash grounding him and Bebop.

The book transitions to Salvini being hauled off by Lord Discordance and his men. Bebop & Rocksteady are held separately and are told that their mutation never actually wore off. They are placed in a time field that made their bodies appear as they did 8 years in the past. Salvini placed the field on them so that they would think that they needed him.

The men also reveal that the mutants aren't even in the right dimension and are one variant off. The guys intend to take Bebop & Rocksteady to the Bopsteady Verse but are attacked and eaten by their dinosaur, Anchovy, Rocksteady claims to be starving and joins in.

The comic ends as Bebop, Rocksteady and Anchovy fly off in one of Discordance's ships. Agent Raven helplessly peers off in the distance.


Bebop & Rocksteady hit the road is shaping up to be a 5 issue road trip detailing the misadventures of two hopelessly evil baffoons. Ravenwood and the Earth Protection Force pursuit is the main connecting point of the arc. We see the plot thread of Bebop & Rocksteady's human form resolved this issue. I'm not sure how time travel works but in this universe but the application of a time field is a unique concept. I'm also curious as to why Ravenwood is so intent on capturing Bebop and Rocksteady. Agent Bishop from the main series would have opted to take them out by now.

Dustin Weaver change things up with the art this issue talking the reigns from Ben Bates. He drops the scales from Rocksteady's skin which is an improvement. The main problem with the art is that when the panels shows motion they looks great but when the image is static or of someone standing around things gets messy. The art is improving but I probably won't mention it again unless something drastic happens.

Rating B

Bebop & Rocksteady: Hit the Road #3 Retailer incentive cover by Milonogiannis, Giannis

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