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Damage #8 Review

Art by: Trevor Scott, Diogenes Neves Colors by: Allen Passalaqua

Cover by: Trevor Hairsine

Written by: Robert Venditti

The story of Damage continues to be intriguing. Issue #8 has its strengths but also has definite weaknesses.

There's nothing functionally wrong with the comic. It's a straight-forward chase from beginning to end. Which has been the common formula from the beginning with this series. Ethan wakes up, Ethan Runs, Ethan transforms into Damage, Damage destroys everything.

We get introduced to "The Unknown Soldier. Which leads to my biggest gripe with the issue. When The Unknown Soldier first arrives he's wearing a mask a 'la Mission Impossible. He rips the mask off to reveal a completely bandaged face. This is possibly the silliest nonsensical reveal I've seen from a comic in recent memory. It gets even worse when they try to sneak out of the hospital. I'm pretty sure escape would have been a lot easier if the Soldier had kept the mask on.

The best part of the comic is the elevator escape scene. It's a really tense moment that is a nice contrast to the quiet scene that follows between Ethan and the Soldier.

My other complaint with the series to this point is that the formula for the storytelling needs to be changed up. Robert Venditti continues to push the classic hulk formula but. the timer seems to limit the storytelling possibilities. Damage having a 1 hour timer is fine but if this is going to be a permanent fixture to the story Ethan should be just as interesting as the Damage persona. To be fair, the character is developing but Damage constantly looming in the background overshadows anything that is happening outside of his inevitable appearance. Ethan waking up and the countdown running was fun the first few issues but that seems to be where all of the tension from the series is coming from and its honestly getting old.

Damage is described as being a walking Weapon of Mass Destruction. The potential is there, the stories are fun but would gel better if Ethan was fleshed out more.

Aside from the gripes, the story is solid and continues to be a nice ride. I don't regret the purchase. The art seemed to be less detailed this issue its not terrible but I do miss Tony S. Daniel on the interiors. Hopefully he gets back soon.

Rating C

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