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Iron Fist Episode 4-6 Review

Episodes 4-6 of Iron fist are noticeably better than the first three. The characters are all in place. The plot is moving forward. Why am I still bored out of my mind?

The issue is that the series pace is too slow. The characters are bland and mostly uninteresting. Misty Knight (Simone Missick) shows up and it's as if all of the charisma and sex appeal is drained and flushed out of the character.

Colleen (Jessica Henwick), Danny (Finn Jones ) and Joy (Jessica Stroup) are all in the same box of meh. The story is chugging along. Nothing too offensive is happening. I'm not mad, I'm just apathetic to what's going on outside of a few exciting scenes that seem to always occur randomly.

On the polar opposite end of the spectrum. Ward (Tom Pelphrey), continues to impress and elevates every interaction he has with the other characters. He's basically the Obi Wan of the series, adding credibility to the show. It's a real shame that the talent is wasted on such a bland affair.

The other highlights of this stretch are Mary Walker (Alice Eve) & Davos (Sacha Dhawan), our chief antagonists.

With Mary, I understand the changes to her backstory which ground her character and offer an real world explanation for why she's able to believably match up with Iron Fist. I do wish that they went with a comic accurate version of the character though. Typhoid Mary has mild telepathy and pyrokinesis in the comics. The combination of abilities would have also also allowed her to match up to Danny easily. The revised character works, and makes sense but I think that in a world where superpowered heroes exist, this show is too grounded outside of the "Iron Fist" itself.

The MVP of the group is Davos (Sacha Dhawan) this go-a-round. There are some goofy elements to the character's rise to power that become more apparent when you actually think about the situation but The character succeeds despite the mediocre plot. Devos had one mission in life. He got within an inch of attaining it only to lose his birthright on a fluke, to a whiny white boy that didn't respect the culture and ran off at the first opportunity. I'd be pissed off to. At this point in the show I want Davos to succeed. Sacha, has all of the traits that I wish were inherent in Finn Jones. He's intense, charismatic the few times he lets his guard down and is more believable than Finn when the fighting starts.

This brings me to my final observations. Nothing in this show is actually comic accurate. All of the characters feel off. I don't believe the series is justifying its existence. If the show was more true to the Iron Fist character it would be greatly improved. I'm not even sure if its mentioned at all that Danny is a Billionaire this stretch. I know the show tries to downplay the characters wealth but there seems to be a lot of obvious alternatives to solving the problems presented here that wouldn't involve being embroiled in the midst of a huge gang war in the middle of Chinatown.

The show would have also benefited if an Asian-American was cast as the lead. Purists would be pissed but with everything else being compromised in this series, an asian lead would have contrasted better considering the Chinatown setting. Danny and his parents fly to Tibet to visit their ancestral home and crash. The story plays exactly out the same way. Danny being a White guy in this particular setting just stands out like a sore thumb. even more so because Finn just doesn't have the presence to be a savior figure.

The quality of the show is ticking upward despite the complaints. Hopefully things keep moving forward with the final group of episodes. If you were able to binge this series you're the real MVP.

Rating C

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