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Silencer #1 Review

***Originally Posted 2/9/18***

Art Sandra Hope, John Romita, Jr.

Written by: Dan Abnett

I walked into "The Silencer" with no expectations. I knew that the story spun out of the Dark Knights Metal Event from DC Comics and fell under their New Age of Heroes Imprint but that was the extent of my background on the character and potential story direction.

Silencer Tells the Story of "Honor Guest". The parenthesis are necessary because this is the characters actual name. Guest was as assassin that somehow got away from the life and was able to find love, marriage and now has a young child. Her husband does not know about her past and as the story unfolds its quickly becomes obvious that The Silencer will be soon be pulled back into the life that she has tried to escape. Will her family be able to survive the experience?

Silencer was a fun read. It is written by Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Drawn by the legendary John Romita, Jr. The story feels like a 90's action movie, True lies in particular with a female lead. Instead of the protagonist being a Spy, she is an assassin. It opens with a particularly brutal fight scene and showcases a simple yet unique power that I've never seen in my 20+ years of reading comics. The art is dynamic and full of energy, from the action sequences down to the quieter scenes between Honor Guest and her family.

The Story doesn't really give a lot of information about Honor's life prior to leaving her life as an assassin, which I could have used a little more of being that this is a first issue with a brand new character. The team clearly has a story to tell here and i'm enjoying it so far. I look forward to seeing the mystery unfold and what other tools Honor Guest has at her disposal.

Rating B

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