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Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive #1 Review

Lee Allred (Author) • Michael Allred (Author, Cover Artist, Inker) • Rich Tommaso (Cover Artist, Penciler) • Laura Allred (Colorist)

A little known fact about me. I used to want to be "Dick Tracy" when I was a kid, tommy gun, yellow jacket an all. I once went to the Barber Shop and asked to get my haircut like Warren Beatty. This got a chuckle out of everyone in the shop because I was a chubby Black Kid with extremely Kinky hair.

The idea of a incorruptible police officer gunning down mobsters in the middle of the street always appealed to me. I still have fond memories of the Dick Tracy video games for the same reason. I had it on the 8 Bit Nintendo and Sega Genesis. This comic is a dream and I'm happy to report that Dick Tracy is Back.

Dick Tracy: DOA puts The titular detective in a relatively modern setting. The comic still manages to maintain a retro vibe that I appreciate.

After Catching a criminal with ties to silicon valley and ex presidents, Dick Tracy is threatened with being fired. The guy he napped happens to be politically untouchable by the powers that be. Not giving his superior officer a chance to carry out the threat, Tracy quits.

Meanwhile In another midwestern city. A newly elected governor has made it a mission to clean up the criminal element. This rubs local officials the wrong way since they are all corrupt. The intent is to have Tracy as the public face of law enforcement. He'll take down local criminals, pacifying the governor and common folk while they are able to keep pulling the strings from the shadows.

This goes about as well as can be expected for the conspirators as Dick Tracy proceeds to take them down the minute he gets off of the train.

Dead or Alive is the perfect comic. Tracy is the archetypal hero. There are no shades of gray just good guys and bad guys. He will either arrest you or gun you down. The art is vibrant, detailed and the colors pop. Rich Thommas and the Allred's really did their homework. This is exactly what a Dick Tracy should look and feel like and would easily fit right in with the old Dick Tracy Comic strips from Chester Gould. I also appreciate the few panels that give us some insight into Tracy's motivations.

The villains are all distinct and I can't wait to see what twisted deformed characters are going to show up. I got a grin just looking at the designs on the last page. The plot is not complicated but this issue is a perfect lead in to the developing story. Truly excited to see where things go from here..

Rating: A

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