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My Thoughts on Suicide Squad

**Originally Posted August 14th 2016**

This isn't really a review of the Movie. We can start there.

I've given Suicide Squad a huge pass in discussions. Mainly because the movie was fun and gave me an adrenaline shot whenever I started to feel negatively about what was happening on screen.

Truthfully Its not a particularly good movie but unlike most of DC's recent films, Its a solid move in the right direction. The Individual pieces of this movie make it better than the sum of its parts. I hope that DC takes more risks with secondary characters going forward.

The biggest problem the DCEU seems to have is that they are to be rushing the cinematic universe and not focusing on coherent storytelling.

Suicide Squad is a decent movie but there are a lot of narrative issues that seem to come from the studio inserting characters and plot devices into a story that did not need the additions.

This is not only a problem with DC. In Marvels Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man was casually added to the movie. Seeing Spider-man was fun but at the end of the day he wasn't needed to improve the narrative. It was a studio driven decision and it becomes painfully obvious when the story grinds to a halt to introduce him and the villains development suffers because of Spider-Mans extended cameo.

In the case of Suicide Squad. We have the Joker all over this movie but he's only onscreen for about 10 minutes. He dominates the overall arc of the story. The movie actually stops to give us updates on the Jokers status throughout. There is a scene where Harley gets a text message from the Joker just to let the audience know that he will be appearing soon.

This could have been a cool framing device for the story but in this instance the time should have been given to members of the squad to further their character development. Rather than following the Joker we could have gotten to know more about Katana, Killer Croc, Amanda Waller or even The Enchantress for that matter.

The characters are interesting but we don't see them bond or become a team. It just seems to happen out of nowhere. El Diablo at one point says he wont lose another family and it falls flat because from the audiences perspective he's just met these guys. Deadshot Seems to have a potential relationship brewing with Harley Quinn but the audience doesn't get to see it develop. The characters have chemistry but their interactions don't work because scenes and conversations seem to have been cut.

When studios make editorial mandates to films that seem to have a clear vision the results are rarely ever for the better.

3 examples

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ghostbusters The Amazing Spider-Man 2

We're told that the Suicide Squad is the worst of the worst with regards to villainy but we never see any of them do anything particularly heinous. They all become heroes in the end but the villain part of the equation isn't earned because its not shown with one exception...

El Diablo is a character that has a particularly heinous past and we're shown how dark he can be over the course of the movie. He earns his title for being a "Bad Guy". In truth he's the only one that earns the title of "Bad Guy" in this film. I'll admit that the squad is full of scumbags but they don't come off as being real villains. By the end of Batman V Superman, Batman has a bigger Kill count than any of the Suicide Squad

As edgy as Suicide Squad was made out to be, its no edgier than the most family friendly marvel movie. In fact I would be more comfortable taking my children to see this movie than Batman V Superman.

I want DC to Succeed. I'm reading more DC comics than I ever have thanks to DC Comics Rebirth.I am genuinely interested in these characters and want to see more of them. I feel some characters are done well while others got lost in the shuffle. Without googling it. What was the name of the Indian guy that could climb any wall...

While I believe Suicide Squad is a good movie. In my honest opinion it could have been great. This is the DCEU's best movie so far and considering that we're still in the same year that Batman & Superman clashed

Suicide Squad is a huge accomplishment.

Go See it!!!

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