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Bully Wars #1 Review - When Bullies compete, nerds lose...

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Skottie Young (Author) • Aaron Conley (Author, Cover Artist • Jean-Francois Beaulieu (Colorist)

Publisher: Image Comics

Bully Wars #1 Scott Brown Variant

Bully Wars was a random pickup a few weeks ago. There was no expectations going in but it ended up being a pleasant surprise.

It's the first day of high school for Spencer, Edith her brother Ernie. It's also the first day for the middle school bully, Rufus. Rufus has big plans to establish himself as the biggest bully in Rottenville High School. This doesn't go over too well as his plans are immediately thwarted by an even bigger bully named Hock and his lackeys Troy and Pug.

Huck says he's "The Bully" and its revealed that he's won the "Bully Wars" the past 3 years straight. The bully's tease Rufus for not even knowing what the bully wars were and stuff him into a locker.

Rufus gets out and tries to find any kid to intimidate but he keeps getting caught and embarrassed by Huck and his goons. After a long day of disappointment Rufus goes to the bathroom and in the midst of having a breakdown he's frightened by a giant rat. The rat turns out to be Spencer wearing a costume. He tells Rufus he's going to help him win the Bully Wars.

Bully Wars reminds me more of a Saturday Morning cartoon than a traditional comic. The series could easily translate to television, or a netflix series. I could easily see my kids getting into it. Spencer, Edith, and Ernie really don't get much panel time in this issue. Rufus and Hock are the standouts. The idea of a bully being bullied by an even bigger bully is probably the height of irony. It will be fun to see how this rivalry plays out and also what exactly the Bully wars are.

I know of Skottie young as an artist and had no idea that he also moonlighted as a writer. The comic is funny and hits on the stereotypical trope's of bullies and nerds. This isn't a negative it just leads to the saturday morning feel of the comic.

The great and stylized. The bright colors by Aaron Conley really compliment the pencils bringing the world and characters to life. There's a lot of detail here and you can spend a lot of time just being drawn into the panels. I can't really find much fault in the issue outside of being slightly aged out of the target audience. I recommend Bully wars to anyone interested in light hearted, all ages storytelling. You can't go wrong, the book is a lot of fun.

Rating B

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