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Unnatural #2 Review

Mirka Andolfo (Author/Cover/Penciler/Colors)

•Publisher (Image)

Unnatural #2 Variant Cover by Artgerm

Unnatural # 2 continues the story of our favorite BBW Pig Girl. The story opens following the trial of Sinclair & Bosch, who have been sentenced to 5 years in prison for crimes against the species, having an interspecies relationship.

Leslie is nervous about the date that has been setup for her by the government. Her best friend Trish tries to cheer her up, telling her that the reproductive program works. Leslie is skeptical and recounts a childhood memory of her mother's infidelity. Leslie's father went away on a business trip and while gone her mother dope's her up with cough syrup. Leslie eventually wakes up and catches her making love to another man who coincidentally is also of a different species.

Leslie's mother resents her and the arranged marriage. She never loved Leslie's father and resented having her. Leslie doesn't want to be thrust into the same situation her mother was in. She leaves with her friend Derek and heads out to meet with her potential "Soul Mate".

While this is happening Trish decides to look into the reoccuring dreams Leslie has been having about having about her dream wolf. While discussing the situation with a local librarian, she gives Trish a book depicting a Wolf and a Blue haired pig together in a loving embrace. Trish senses a connection between the art and Leslie, since the blue hair is such an unnatural trait in this setting.

Trish takes the book and the scene shifts to Leslies meeting. She's taken to get a makeover but while this is happening, the mysterious stranger from the previous issue is captured by the police for stalking. He's found to be carrying a weapon and the police speculate that he's hunting our protagonist.

Unnatural #2 isn't a bad comic. The plot is intriguing. It suggests that there is more going on with Leslie than simply having freaky dreams. The plot is unique and its the driving force of this series so far. The dialogue is a bit rough in this issue and somewhat of a step backward from the previous issue. Minor gripes aside the art and story will keep you wondering where things are going. It may be enough to keep you engaged. If the cringe dialogue is a deal breaker I'm not sure how much enjoyment you'll get out of it. Hopefully the next issue tightens things up.

Rating C

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