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Kickass #7 Review

Steve Niles (Author) • Marcelo Frusin (Cover Artist, Pencils) • Sunny Gho (Colorist) •Publisher (Image Comics)

Patience Lee is a Badass. When she's Kickass she's a joy to read. My only problem is the character is that when she's out of costume. She's one of the flimsiest characters I've ever read. With issue #7 we have the new creative team of Steve Niles and Marcelo Fusin. They take over for Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. The story doesn't miss a beat for better or for worse. Patience is working at a diner during the day and acts as superhero/neighborhood crime-lord at night. She only takes $800 per week and funnels the rest back into the community and criminal organization.

She's hunting a mob boss named Hector Santos but can't get a bead on him. Kickass decides to go after his business interests to draw him out. The issue culminates in a huge ambush That Kickass may not be able to escape without extreme creativity.

There's nothing wrong with the issue. I just seems like I've read this story before. It goes back to the foundation for this series being weak. I don't understand why Patience becomes kickass or keeps putting herself and her family at risk. If it's all about the money she has the talent to make money and support her family. The idea to become a crime boss and put her family at risk continually only works if you turn your brain off and just accept the premise.. In a 6 issue mini series the character can work. Beyond the first arc, Patience isn't a really an interesting character. She just fills the impossibly good soldier trope. Ironically, I'm reading Silencer (DC). She has many of the same strengths and weaknesses as Kickass. She was also drawn by John Romita Jr. I won't write the story off as its the first issue of a new story arc but I'm honestly not expecting much with this series going forward.

Rating C

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