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The Curse of Brimstone #4 Review

Justin Jordan (Author) Eduardo Pansica (Pencils) • Philip Tan & Rain Beredo (Cover Artists) •Rain Beredo (Colorist)

Publisher: DC Comics

One of the most pleasant surprises out of the "New Age of Heroes" imprint from DC Comics is "The Curse of Brimstone". The series reminds me of a cross between 90's Spawn & Ghost Rider. Every issue I've picked up so far has been a joy to read. It was recently announced that "The Immortal Men" and "The Unexpected" have have been cancelled. If Brimstone gets axed it will be a real shame. This comic is great.

Issue #4 opens with another of the salesman's agent destroying a rural town. The comic sifts to Joe (Brimstone) and his sister Anne trying to get a bead on the salesman using GPS and the ledger they obtained last issue. Anne can't translate the ledger and they eventually run into a dead end. They encounter an armed man named Enoch. After a brief confrontation Enoch reveals that he used to be one of the Salesman's agents but he stops short of revealing how or if he was able to break the contract.

Enoch reveals that the salesman comes from the dark multiverse. He uses his abilities to find people and con them into becoming agents. Everyone that accepts the offer is transformed and contributes to the barrier between the universes weakening. Enoch cuts himself and uses the blood to to translate the ledger.

The comic transitions to the Agent from the comic's opening moving in on a traveling family. Right before the family is killed, Brimstone intervenes. While the two monsters fight Anne rescues them. She asks Enoch to help take the creature down but he tells her that he's not in the business of saving people. He stands on the sidelines until he is attacked by the creature and then uses his abilities to restrain the monster, which gives Brimstone the chance to take it down.

The strain causes Joe to to slip outside of his Brimstone persona and pass out. Enoch moves in and finishes off the monster. He then turns to Joe and contemplates killing him. He says that there is no way to break the curse and that he'll only become further damned. He stops when Anne approaches with a shotgun raised. She turns her head to check on Joe and when she turns back, Enoch is gone.

The Curse of Brimstone #4 was a great fast paced read. It managed to cover a lot of ground and gives a lot of insight into the overarching plot of the story. The salesmen being from the Dark Multiverse was somewhat surprising but seems obvious with hindsight. The art by Eduardo Pansica is detailed and just gets better every issue. The monsters continue to impress and really highlights the imagination of the creative team. As a single issue this comic is perfection.

Rating A

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