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Sideways #6 Review

Dan Didio (Author) • (Artist) Carmine Di GiandomenicoKenneth Rocafort (Cover Artist) • Dan Brown (Colorist)

Publisher (DC Comics)

I was following Sideways closely initially and then totally fell off when I lost issue #6. I found it under my couch. I'm happy I can continue reviewing the series now, but sad that issue #6 is so dower.

Its blatantly obvious by the cover what happens in this issue. The tagline says "A secret revealed and a tragedy strikes". My initial thought from reading the tagline and looking at the cover was that Sideways secret was going to be revealed to his parents and that either 1 or both of them were going to die.

Two out of 3 ain't bad.

The issue recounts the day that Sideways mother, Helen Flynn was murdered. The issue opens in the midst of an argument. Derek (Sideways) is arguing with his mom and storms out of the house and rifts away without explanation.

This prompts Helen to go to her job to get as much information as she can about Derek. She discovers that her employer has been keeping tabs on him. She realizes from the data that Derek is Sideways. Shocked by the revelation, the lights goes out and shes murdered by an unseen hand. This suggests a larger conspiracy developing involving Sideways.

The issue wants me to care more than I actually do. Sideways Mother is about as 1 dimensional as you can get and operated in 2 states, worry and panic.

Helen's entire character arc has been concern for her son's well being and there weren't any other traits for me to latch on to. I think back to the death of Uncle Ben and how it inspired Spiderman to become a hero. I predict that Derek will take his role more serious now similarly to how Peter Parker developed but the death of Derek's mom in this issue is cheap and honestly random.

The comic is serviceable but honestly a step back from the last couple books in the series. The revelation that there is a larger plot at work is interesting but I feel that the writers cheated and killed mom off too early.

There's a brief interlude between Sideways and Tempest that I feel probably should have been explored further and honestly should have been the entire issue. In the brief exchange we see their friendship developing. We also get to see some of what Derek can potentially do with his powers when they reach their peak.

I just don't see the point in killing mom off out of the blue. There was no setup so the whole issue just seems off. The melodrama didn't land and the only thing I'm left with after reading this comic is apathy.

Rating C

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