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Halloween Review: The slasher film is back.

Production Notes:

Rating: PG-13 Genre: Horror, Thriller

Directed By: David Gordon Green

Written By: Danny McBride & Jeff Fradley

Theaters: Oct 19, 2018 Runtime: 1 Hour 46 Minutes

Studio: Miramax


Jamie Lee Curtis/Lorie Strode

Judy Greer/Karen

Andi Matichak/Allyson

James Jude Courtney/The Shape

Haluk Bilginer/Dr. Sartain

Will Patton/Officer Hawkins

At the time of this writing Halloween has generated 77.5 Million dollars in its first weekend making it the highest grossing horror film with a female lead. The bank is well deserved because the film is a well crafted homage to the original that gets rid of all of the trash that has accumulated over the years. Halloween is one of the best slasher films to come around in a long time.

Directed by David Gordon Green and based on the screenplay by Danny Mcbride and Jeff Fradley. 2018's Halloween is fast paced and gets onto the brass tax of pitting Michael Myer's against Laurie Strode, Jamie Lee Curtis.

The movie makes a lot of subtle and not so subtle nods to the first films. Some of the shots are are almost exact recreations from the 1978 film. Jamie Lee Curtis at 59, still looks great and easily slides back into the roll that put her on the map. The character evolves in a natural way and does so without feeling like a pandering exorcise in girl power. At one point she says she prayed every night for Michael to escape so she could be the one to kill him.

Hard Core Lady, Hardcore!!!

Michael Myers is just as intimidating as he was in the original movie and gets some pretty impressive kills throughout the film. We don't get any definitive answers as to whether Mike is a supernatural being and the movie is better for for leaving whats really going on with him a mystery.

The other actors in the movie don't really have much to do and are interchangeable as with most slasher films. There aren't any real standouts but none of the characters outright bomb.

The movie is worth your time and if the team comes back together I would love to see a sequel set in this timeline or another slasher film crafted with the same love and dedication. Halloween 2018 proves that there is still life in the long dormant slasher genre.

Now we just need some more teenagers to kill...

Rating: B

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