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Justice League Odyssey #1 Review

Joshua Williamson (Author) • StJepan Sejic (Artist, Cover)

•Publisher: DC Comics

I picked up Justice League Odyssey #1 after seeing one of Richard C. Meyer's videos at Diversity & Comics. Although I didn't enjoy the issue as much as ya Boi Zack, this is an excellent jumping on point. New readers and anyone that is interested in some of DC's lesser known heroes will find enjoyment here.

Justice League Odyssey spins out of the DC's "No Justice" event a few months back. It picks up with Green Lantern, Jessica Cruz fighting boredom and patrolling the Ghost Sector. This continues until she's alerted to Brainiacs ship's breaching the Ghost Sector.

What she doesn't know is that the ship's passengers are Cyborg, Starfire and Azrael, who has also stowed away.

Jess approaches the ship not realizing that the extreme radiation in the sector can possibly kill her even with her ring protecting her. Starfire leaves the ship and manages to save Jessica before she takes on too much damage.

Jess threatens to arrest them all but they are attacked by a creature in the sector and have to escape. Azrael takes over the ships controls while Starfire uses her energy powers to amp Cyborg who is has integrated into the power source. With the amp in power the ship has a enough power to propel itself away from the monster. The ship crashes and its revealed this is an unsanctioned Justice League mission.

Cyborg started receiving signals to come to the Ghost Sector. Azrael and Starfire also felt a pull to participate in this mission.

The comic ends as its revealed that the three were drawn to the location by Darkseid to fulfill a prophecy to save the Ghost Sector.

Justice League Odyssey is a great read that appears to be setting up a pretty epic story. The team itself is a cool and has some inspired choices, including a nice mix of new and old characters. Azrael, Firestar, Cyborg, GL - Jessica Cruz & Darkseid are all interesting choices. Using Darkseid to bring the team together is very interesting counter programming and it will be fun to see his interactions with these characters.

The art by StJepan Sejic is simply jaw-dropping. I've followed him for a few years now on deviantart and it's exciting to see him doing interiors. My only complaint with the issue is that the voice for Jessica Cruz is somewhat cheesy. It got really annoying really quick. I hope there will be an improvement with the characters dialogue and less quips but it seems like this may be the voice that the comic goes with.

Minor Gripes aside the issue has a solid foundation and I'm excited to see where the story goes from here.

Rating: A

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