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The Walking Dead #184 Review

Robert Kirkman (Author)

Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, Cliff Rathburn (Pencils/Inks)

• Image Comics (Publisher)

Confession, I didn't start reading the Walking Dead comic until the commonwealth showed up in #173. It seemed like a good jumping on point as the television show seems to be winding down. Whether AMC wants to admit it or not the television series is probably gonna be around for more than a few years max. I've enjoyed my time with the series so far and #184 continues that trend.

Issue #184 opens with the aftermath of a riot. The fight is shut down pretty quickly but Michonne is injured and the Commonwealth soldier that attempted to defend her is killed by rioters. Afterward, during a court hearing, Michonne makes an impassioned plea for a return to normalcy.

Eugene finds a train and makes plans to get in running and potentially establish trade between Alexandria and the Commonwealth.

While this is going on Rick, Dwight and others from Alexandria assist in the cleanup following the disturbance. The assist prompts Mayor Milton to come down and help.

The scene transitions and we get a brief moment between The Princess and Mercer and see their budding relationship developing.

The mere presence of the Alexandrians has prompted change in the citizens of the Commonwealth. Some of them even approach Rick about leaving.

The comic ends with Rick and Dwight having a discussion about how to proceed. Dwight wants to take over the Commonwealth and Rick wants no parts of a revolution.

Tensions are obviously brewing.

Not being as well versed in The Walking Dead comic lore I'm not as well versed in the interpersonal relationships between the characters. That being said, this issue is great. It brings something rarely seen in the comic or television, hope. The Commonwealth is obviously not a perfect system but it manages to keep 50,000 citizens afloat and works despite its flaws. This fact makes it a system worth defending whether the leadership is taking the correct approach or not.

I nearly forgot that Michonne was an attorney prior to the Zombie apocalypse. It was nice seeing her in her natural element and also underscores the milestone that the Commonwealth represents. It represents a return to civilization.

It's also pretty sad to see the tensions brewing between Rick and Dwight. I can easily see the situation blowing up into a full-fledged conflict. If war breaks out citizens will likely choose sides. The guys that attempt to join Alexandria represent that camp. Mercer is also as much of a wildcard as the Princess. This issue feels like filler but it contains a lot of character development, hope, and optimism which overlaps the underlying tension. I don't really have any complaints and look forward to the next issue.

Rating: A

The Walking Dead 184 Variant  by Bill Sienkiewicz

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