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Deathstroke #36 Review Arkham Part 1

Christopher Priest (Author) • Ed Benes & Fernando Pasarin (Pencils)

Tyler Kirkham & Arif Prianto (Cover Artists) • Jeromy Cox (Colorist)

• DC Comics (Publisher)

Now that the paternity situation has been resolved, Deathstroke #36 opens with our anti-hero brutally murdering all of the Arkham inmates. The sequence of events turn out to be a dream.

We get the revelation that Slade has somehow been captured and has been in Arkham for a few weeks. His powers have been suppressed and he may or may not be hallucinating his friend Wintergreen in his cell.

Wintergreen tells Slade that he has blueprints of the asylum and that they can escape. Wintergreen appears to be real but none of the Arkham sensors are able to pick him up.

During a VR group therapy session one of the patients, Devon claims to have been teleported out of the hospital and experimented on. None of the other patients seem to take him seriously.

Deathstroke tells the therapist about Wintergreen being in the cell but its waved off. Hugo Strange chimes in and and states that the best way to cure a delusion would be to test it.

Later that evening Slade and Wintergreen attempt to escape but are stopped by Devon. Devon tells them to turn back but instead of listening Slade grabs Devon and they escape together. Wintergreens directions work but the comic ends with Deathstroke and Devon picked up by a bright light and abducted.

Deathstroke #36 reads more like a Moon Knight story than the typical Deathstroke book and it's just as entertaining. Over the course of the issue we get solid mix of action and mystery that never lets up. Even the cliffhanger is a head-scratcher. I'm totally onboard with the story that Priest is setting up. This is a nice change of pace from the Batman V Deathstroke ark that just finished up. The art is a bit on the dark side but none of the attention to detail is lost when the action shifts from action to exposition. You can't go wrong with Deathstroke Arkham. This is a great start.

Rating: A

Deathstroke #36 Variant by Francisco Mattina

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