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Hawkman #2 Review

Robert Venditti (Author) • Brian Hitch (Pencils) • Brian Hitch & Alex Sinclair (Cover Artists) • Jeremiah Skipper (Colorist) • Andrew Currie, Daniel Henriques & Brian Hitch (Inks) • StJepan Sejic (Variant Cover)

What if Indiana Jones was crossed with the most interesting elements of Wolverine and made into a bonafide Superhero. That's the premise of DC Comics new Hawkman series. That may have always been the premise but my first experience with the character outside of the working knowledge that he dies and reincarnates over and over again along with the fact that his backstory is convoluted.

Hawkman #2 is an amazing read. Hawkman is revealed to have been reincarnating across time as well as space. This beautifully and simply explains every incarnation of Hawkman that has ever appeared and also makes adds weight to Carter's backstory as an archeologist. Like Indiana Jones, we can pop into any time in history and run into an interesting Hawkman story. With Carter's memories of his past incomplete, Robert Venditti also establishes mystery. The audience and the protagonist are in the same position, seeking discovery and the story is better for it.

In this issue, Carter documents his discovery for Shiera (Hawkgirl) and seeks answers in the Horus caged exhibit in The British Museum. While investigating the exhibit, Carter is mysteriously transferred back to ancient Egypt in full costume and encounters one of his former selves Koufu. Koufu has been waiting for his arrival and attacks. Hawkman is eventually able to calm Koufu down by mentioning the the "Kalmoran". Koufu mentions a map and wonders if Hawkman is meant to fight the "Deathbringers". At this point Hawkman is sent back to the present. He discovers the map in one of the museum columns. Following the map the comic ends as Carter prepares to head to Dinosaur Island.

This comic is fantastic. Robert clicks all of the checkmarks you expect from a classic adventure with fantastical elements. Brian Hitch's art is detailed and every panel is full of energy and urgency. This melds the story and art because nothing is wasted in this in this book as it moves from one locale to the next. My only minor gripe is that although the characters are incredibly details. The backgrounds for most of the comic are kind of bland. It is not a huge issue but I remember reading Hitch's Ultimates and recall a lot more intricacy in the pencils. I'm assuming the change in art style was done to get the book out quicker but it is noticeable.

Outside of the minor gripe. I thoroughly enjoyed this issue and can't wait to read the next.

Rating A

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