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Eric Henson's: Eden #2 (of 4 ) Review - Alterna Comics Is the Future

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Eric Henson (Author -Pencils)• Michael Babinski & Ross Doan (Inks)

Steven Oaks & Ross Hughes (Colorists)

Alterna Comics (Publisher)

I started my Subscription to Alternacomics last month and the first issue I was able to read was Eric Hensen's Eden #2


I have to mention at the outset that Alterna is probably the best value in comics. The combination of price ($1.50) and actual content (32 pages of story) make the brand an easy alternative to paying 3.99 (minimum) for a comic that is probably gonna be average at best. That being said, you aren't gonna feel ripped off after reading an Alternacomic.

Alternacomics are printed on Newsprint. It's less expensive paper than what is used by a majority of the comic book industry nowadays but used to be the standard. If you used to read comics in the early 90s you'll be right at home. This is why how Alterna keeps costs low. The art/print quality is what you come to expect from a comic in 2018 with most issues costing between $1.50 & $2.00. No pun intended but this is a great alternative to what we're getting from Marvel & DC right now.

Review (Spoilers)

I missed the first Issue of Eden but Issue #2 does a great job of filling in the gaps of the first issue and I didn't feel like I missed anything. The concept of the story is what if the aliens from "Independence Day" actually won. Our lead character Neriah, was genetically to fight the war but as the battle was lost she and her son, Avion are sent to another planet, Eden in a last ditch effort to save humanity from extinction. On arrival to the new planet her ship crashes. She is pulled from the wreckage but her son is nowhere to be found.

After the intro the comic opens with Neriah traveling with one of the native aliens, Kla' Tuu and another human refugee Christian. They are in route to the huge tower in the distance seeking answers.

While the trio moves forward the comic transitions and we find that Avion is being held captive by Tal'Zorah. at the behest of his master.

After a mind meld with Kla'Tuu Neriah reveals that she was able to pull information regarding Christians history. She calls him a traitor and reveals that he abandoned the earth at the beginning of the war. As they argue this draws the attention of some of the "Ghost" forces and leads to a huge battle. Neriah is an excellent hand to hand combatant and also shown to have superhuman abilities as she causes one of the alien's chest to explode.

Christian says that he has a plan and runs off leading Neriah to believe that he has betrayed them as the fight rages on. In actuality, Christian has used the battle as a distraction and continues heading toward the tower.

As the battle continues an even larger Alien, Reno appears and attacks Neriah and Kla'Tuu. They exchange blows and she manages to take him down by injecting him with silicon which causes him to petrify from the inside out.

After dispatching all of the aliens Neriah and Kla'Tuu arrive at the tower and find Christian's smoldering body. He reveals that Neriah's son is still alive before succumbing to his injuries.

The comic ends with Neriah vowing to avenge him.

I absolutely loved this issue. The premise of Eden is great and reads like classic sci-fi. The dialogue is somewhat overblown and aggressive in places but it works and adds to the charm of the comic. Our hero is a bad-ass and has an interesting power set that complements her physical enhancements.

Eric Henson pulls double duty as author and artist which leads to a cohesion of the two elements that you rarely get in comics. This union is also complemented by the colors by Steven Oaks & Ross Hughes which assist in adding a distinct look to the setting.

Eden could easily be translated into a Television show, Video Game or movie based on a single issue alone. It adapts the old adage that every comic is someone's first read and makes a helluva first impression

Rating: A

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