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Jingoist Action Featuring The Barack Panther #1Review - One of the strangest comics I have ever read

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Brian Denham & Kelsey Shannon (Writer - Pencils) • Brian Denham (Cover Artists)

• Kelsey Shannon (Colorist) • Antarctic Press (Publisher)

I was in the comic shop and my eyes lingered on this issue for a while. I went back and forth about grabbing it and decided I couldn't walk out of the shop without it. I'm glad I took a chance because the book is a hilarious parody of our current political situation and the MCU Black Panther film

Following the 2016 election of Donald J. Trump, Obama's legacy is being systematically dismantled by the new President. Unable to sleep, Obama is transported to the ancestral plane. He meets with the spirit of his father and told to shake off the shackles of his nationalist identity and become the Barack Panther.

The comic transitions from the Ancestral plane to an encounter between Chain (Klaue) and The Barack Panther. The comic mimics the famous car chase scene from the film with Malia and Sasha acting as stand-ins for Okoye and Nakia. The action sequence of the book ends with Chains defeat. Barak calls in a drone strike from the US government that destroys Chains vehicle. The comic ends on a cliffhanger as the Panther is attacked from behind by the villainous Kanye-Monger.

The irony of Barak Panther comic is that this issue was published by Antarctic Press. This is the same publisher that was going to produce Richard C. Myers comic, Jawbreakers. Jawbreakers which went on to make over 400K through crowd-funding. Antarctic Press canceled their deal with him but produced this series which is heavily based on topical political events. Based on the political climate and the inherent risk in taking a project like this It would have seemed that the Jawbreakers Project would have been a good counter project to a series like this one.

Trump shows up and is obviously the villain of this series. I'm a conservative and expected to hate this comic but its harmless and a funny and solid parody. The art is energetic and matches well with the tone of the story. Mixing real events with the Marvel movie was an inspired choice and seeing Kanye West as Killmonger literally had me laughing out loud. The story isn't a masterpiece but it's worth a read just to see how well the events you recall from the past few years and the Black Panther film blend together.

Rating: B

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