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Unnatural #3 Review (Spoilers) - Date Night

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Mirka Andolfo (Author/Cover/Penciler/Colors)

•Publisher (Image)

After Stumbling a bit last month. Unnatural gets back on track with issue #3.

The comic opens with a flashback to the night of Leslie catching her mother in the midst of an interspecies affair. She runs away in tears and accidentally knocks over a vase. He mother hears the noise and finds Leslie crying. She tells her that she cannot tell anyone about what she saw or she could destroy their family. Leslie agrees not to say anything and the scene flashes forward to the present day.

After an invasive screening process and makeover at "The Sanctuary", Leslie is finally ready for her date. She gets picked up by limo and escorted to meet her beau. When they meet Leslie is surprised to find out that he's gorgeous. He introduces himself as Jone's and they head off for sushi.

While this is happening Leslie's best friend Trish is still investigating the illicit interspecies dreams Leslie has been having. She finds the writer of the book that she found the last issue, he's now elderly but still willing to speak to her. He tells her that the book is not a fairy tale but a book of the mythology of the "Tijoux" people and that he had actually traveled there. He tells Trish to take his research since he's old and no one else believed him. He warns her to be careful because bad luck followed him after his discovery.

At first Leslie's date appears to be going great but after a while, things seem to be going too perfectly and it puts her off. Jone's constantly mentions the reproductive program and reproduction. She says things are moving too fast and she tries to leave. At this point, it's revealed that the date is a setup and everyone within the restaurant is in on it. She tries to escape out of a window but passes out. While unconscious she falls into a dream where she is part of a ritual related to the book Mythology Trish was investigating.

When Leslie wakes up she is in the bedroom of her home. She goes to tell Trish about her dream but Trish is gone. She calls Derek for the support. He tells her he's on his way but when the doorbell rings it's Derek along with the police. They are investigating Trish's murder and want to know Leslie's whereabouts the previous night.


Unnatural #3 is a great read and cleans up all of the criticism I had of the last issue. The choppy dialogue has been addressed from the last issue has been addressed. This is particularly evident during the date. Leslie's dialogue feels natural and the banter between her and Jones came off as a girl attracted to a guy but turned off when he tries too hard. I've been in this exact situation and it's very relatable.

The art is also much more consistent throughout this issue. I'm not sure if Mirka had more time but whatever was going on benefited this particular comic. The emerging conspiracy and cliffhanger ending threw me off guard and although the last issue was a bit cliched on the ideas this issue does a lot better with executing on every level. Can't wait for issue #4

Rating 9.5/10

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