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Kick-Ass #8 Review

Steve Niles (Author) • Marcelo Frusin (Pencils) • Sunny Gho (Colorist)

David Mack (Variant Cover) •Image (Publisher)

I'll admit that I picked up Mark Millar's rebooted Kick-Ass series because the lead character was black. It's a shallow reason but it's true. I was a fan of the original series because of the over the top violence and was interested in seeing what fresh perspective Mark could come up with now that the lead character was a Woman of color.

Mixing the gender swap with the fact that Patience a Veteran and single mother engaging in super-heroics is what piqued my interest beyond the race of the lead character. The problem is that the series has been drained of all tension and what we're left with is a bland version of Kick-Ass without any of the stakes of the original series.

Patience (Kick-Ass) made it through the first arc unscathed and managed to be a neighborhood kingpin. I wasn't over the moon over the initial premise but I thought the hero being an actual drug lord was inspired. The problem is the book is still just as bland. In issue #8 we open with the routine situation of Kick-Ass being pinned down by gunfire. Escaping the scene in the most violent way possible. She then laments being broke even though she funnels millions of dollars weekly. The story stumbles out of the gate and never feels like a fully realized idea. Sort of like a pitch that is being developed as they go. The character has potential but things are moving too slow and it seems like the story beats are repeating every issue.

Marcelo Frusin is serviceable on art but I feel that he's being let down by the scripting and colorist. It seems like he's drawing the same scenario over and over again. The action sequences are dynamic but I never feel any reason to care about any of the set pieces because Kick-Ass never feels like she's in danger. She's the antithesis of the previous lead and 8 issues deep it's boring.

In another medium, this story would be great. As an ongoing series this comic, doesn't work. Once you get past the fact that there is a New Kickass and it's a Black Woman you're left with DC's Silencer without superpowers. There are places where the series can go but there's no depth here for me to sink my teeth into. Ill pick up issue #9 and make another review but if things don't improve It will be my last issue.

Rating: D

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