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Green Lantern #1 Review - The Return of the Space Cop

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Grant Morrison (Writer) • Liam Sharp (Pencils) • Steve Oliff (Colorist)

Frank Quitely (Variant Cover) •DC Comics (Publisher)

To be perfectly honest I've never been a Green Lantern fan. It's not that I dislike the Lantern, it's more so that I could never find a point during the characters run that was suitable to jump in. That changed this week when I picked up Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp's Green Lantern #1.

This comic is fantastic and although I'm still somewhat confused by some of the lore and how the Corps operate, it's a great jumping on point for the series and the character of Hal Jordan. He's an experienced space lawman with a power ring, nuff said.

The story leads with what appears to be a routine Lantern mission in space. Some criminals are captured and while being transported the ship crashes on earth. Hal Jordan happens upon them and manages to kick their asses without falling back on his powers. In this sequence, we're quickly given a rundown of core qualities of Hal's character. He's an experienced pilot, he's a fighter and fearless. Once he's back in action as a Green Lantern he's shown to be simple yet efficient with his ring.

He doesn't use more energy than is necessary to get a job done. By the end of the issue Hal is back into his familiar role as Earth protector as a looming threat approaches

The story here in this issue is simple yet dense with content. It's full of weird and unique characters as well as interesting landscapes and locales. Liam gets a lot to work with and rises to the occasion, nothing is ever boring.

My only complaints are that in some spots there seems to be too much going on. It's nothing major but as a noob to the GL mythos, the amount of plot was overwhelming for a single issue.

The other gripe is that the paper quality of the the comic seems to have taken a step backward. It doesn't hurt the comics overall but the colors supplied by Steve Oliff don't pop as much as you would expect considering the scale that that the issue attempts to convey.

It will be interesting to see what the team comes up with going forward. The scope is a lot grander than what I'm used to seeing in my usual DC comics. I can't say I'll be sticking with the series long term but the first issue has piqued my interest in the character and to see where the story goes.

Rating 8/10

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