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The Silencer #7 Review - "Death Comes from Above"

Updated: May 14, 2020

Dan Abnett (Writer) • Viktor Bogdanovic (Pencils)

Patrick Zircher & Gabe Eltaeb (Cover Artists) • Mike Spicer (Colorist)

DC Comics (Publisher)

Of the last several issues of "The Silencer", this one has been my favorite so far. It's nearly perfect and has one of the best action set-pieces I've ever seen in a comic book. This issue highlights the strengths of the character while greatly minimizing the problematic elements.

Honor Guest (The Silencer) and her family are traveling to Sansaro. What the family doesn't know is that the real reason for the vacation is that Honor is looking to tie up loose ends and make sure that Talia Al Ghul stays gone for good.

By happenstance, Honor notices that her cover as Silencer has been blown by two assassins and she has to find a to neutralize them before the plane lands.

The bulk of the issue takes place in the air and this goes a long way in building tension over the course of the issue. How does Silencer take these assassins down without blowing revealing herself to her family or crashing the plane? The action takes place in a confined space and allows the creative team to come up with imaginative ways to show off The Silencer's abilities.

The pace is crisp, dynamic and every action is clear and logical for the character's established skillset. My only issue with the art is that it seems that Honor looks different whenever she's out of costume that is more on the editors than Viktor Bogdanovic. I really wish that the creative teams would nail down a look for her because it does get annoying.

Outside of minor gripes with the art, this issue is amazing. There are a couple of splash pages in this issue that are truly breathtaking. The silencer costume has never looked better than it is here. I'm a few issues behind at the time of writing but if the series can keep the pace set by this issue and continues to improve, DC may have something special with this character.

Rating: 9/10

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