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Tinseltown #4 (of 5) Review/Rumination - The Seedy Underbelly of Classic Hollywood

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

David Lucarelli (Writer) • Henry Ponciano (Pencils/Cover)

AlternaComics Publisher

I'm diving into Tinsel Town pretty late in the series but I enjoyed it despite not having much to go on regarding the ongoing story.

**Synopsis - Major Spoilers **

Our story is set in 1915. Our lead is Abigail Moore one of the first female detectives in Hollywood. This issue follows Abby and her ally Daniel as they search for her friend that has gone missing.

While investigating the area they find a book of matches from a place called the "Meat Market". Abigail wonders if Betty dropped the matches on purpose and wonders if the "Meat Market" was a deli. Another man steps out of the darkness and confirms that the meat market was a local whore house.

Abigail decides to go undercover to see she can find Betty. She manages to get into the house by assuming the identity of a working girl looking for a job and her cousin. This works and she meets with Jess, the owner. While interviewing for a job as one of the new girls they share a drink and mentions that she's looking for her cousin Betty.

Jess mentions that she knows Abigail's real identity as she realizes that the drink has been drugged. Abby passes out and is dragged away by armed men. David moves into action following them.

He manages to take the men down before Abby would presumably be murdered. Abigail comes to and they investigate the area and find a clearing leading to a river.

Abigail decides to jump into the river and at that point, she finds Betty's body.


Going blind into the 4th issue of a mini-series can be tough but it works out well. Abigail is smart, observant, and proves to be a very resourceful character that can quickly adapt to emerging circumstances.

David also proves to be a pretty badass co-lead for this issue. The fact that he's able to take down multiple armed men with little effort is a testament to his ability.

The art is from Henry Ponciano matches well with the setting but I probably would have used a brighter color palette or inks. The book is really dark and somewhat drab throughout. The comic is set at night so that may factor into the art direction. It doesn't take away from the overall quality of the issue but I'd be remiss if I did not mention it.

It will be interesting to see how this situation plays out. Abigail and Daniel are going to have to get back into the "Meat Market" and close this case. It won't be pretty but the characters complement each other well and I'm sure it will turn out well.

I'm intrigued as although I'm late to the party I'm eager to know how this story turns out. Tinseltown #4 is a rare example of a great single issue that stands on its own without the context of the overall story.

Rating 8/10

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