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The Lone Ranger #1 Review - One of the Years Best

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Mark Russell (Writer) • Bob Q (Pencils-Colors)

John Cassaday (Cover Artist) • Dynamite (Publisher)

The Lone Ranger is one of those characters that has been around forever. You know him when you see him but that's probably the extent of your knowledge of the character unless you're of a certain age. He first appeared in the 30s and tends to be rebooted every few years. His cultural relevance diminishes with every passing generation. With Mark Russell (Snagglepuss, Flintstones) at the helm of this series, it's pretty safe to assume that we're going to see the classic lawman in a totally new light.

The comic starts relatively simple and quickly escalates into a more complicated situation. The Ranger hears gunshots and upon investigating stumbles upon a conspiracy. A corrupt politician running for Senate intends to expand the borders of Deaf Smith County Texas. The plan would encroach into territory still claimed by Native Americans and Lone Cowboys that have made lives for themselves in the location. The plan would also wall off the area with barb wire likely causing a war if the plan is successful.

The Ranger manages to get out of the situation after a brief firefight and realizes that the circumstances are bigger than he can handle on his own. The issue ends with him reaching out to Tonto for help.

If you're a fan of The Lone Ranger or westerns in general Lone Ranger #1 is a great starting point. You don't get a ton of backstory on the character in this issue but a lot can be inferred. I had a lot great time reading this comic and enjoyed the western setting. I'm also playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and enjoying it immensely so I'm somewhat biased toward this issue.

The art is great. There is a lot of energy in the action and the colors accent the scenes nicely as the books shift from daytime to evening. There are underlying political themes here that may turn some folks off depending on their worldview. If you aren't put off by the politics in the issue. I can't recommend this comic enough.

Rating: 9/10

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