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Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #1 Review - Bloodshot Origins

Updated: Jan 4

Kevin Grevioux (Writer) • Ken Lashley (Pencils)

Felipe Massafera (Cover Artist) • Diego Rodriguez (Colorist)

Valiant (Publisher) •Get it Now From Green Brain Comics


Jeff Lemire's Bloodshot Salvation is the series that turned me on to Valiant comics and one of the reasons why I believe that Valiant is one of the best publishers producing comics today. Salvation was amazing but with the new movie starring Vin Diesel, the series wasn't the best jumping on point for the character. Rising spirit represents an opportunity to reintroduce Bloodshot to a new audience without the baggage of 20+ years of continuity.

In this issue, Angelo Mortalli botches a mob hit and is sent to Rikers Island. While there he joins an experimental program that transforms him into what will eventually become Bloodshot. He's run through training simulations and we get to see his abilities coming together. Bloodshot has enhanced speed, strength, stamina, and extreme healing abilities.

It turns out the training sims are happening in Angelo's mind. He wakes up in the middle of a session in pain and full panic. He kills one of the soldiers and attacks the rest. Bloodshot doesn't remember his prior identity but he does remember the name, Angelo.

The comic ends as Bloodshot is finally put down with a bullet in the head and hauled off to have the entire process started over again.

Kevin Grevioux provides an excellent first issue and intro to this character. I'm not sure If this start is as strong as the last series but it does give us an adequate explanation of the character's skillset.

There is a strong Wolverine/Weapon X vibe in this comic but Bloodshot Rising Spirit is a lot better than any Wolverine story I've picked up in recent memory.

The art is very strong in places but once again, I do miss the art style of the previous series. There are points where Ken Lashley's pencils meshed with Diego's colors are just as good as anything in Salvation. There is potential with this story and creative team and I want to see more. I'm not 100% sold on a prequel series but I understand why Valiant went in this direction. The creative team is strong and there is a solid foundation especially with the new film coming.

Rating: 8/10