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Cyko Ko! #2 (of 3) & Baron Rat (One-Shot) Review - Hanna Barbera Would be Proud

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Breaking from the formula I decided to review both Baron Rat and Cyko Ko issues in the same post. After spending time with Baron Rat and Cyko Ko! I started getting pangs of nostalgia for the simpler times of sitting in front of the television Saturday mornings watching cartoons while eating a bowl of cereal.

Both comics are fairly simple in premise and could easily translate into their own animated series or shorts (Looney Toons). (Where is the pilot fellas?)

Baron Rat and The Great cheese Caper (One -Shot)

Troy Vevasis (Writer) • Aleksandar Jovic (Pencils & Cover) • Peter Simeti (Editor)

AlternaComics (Publisher)• Get it now From AlternaAccess.com

The Baron Rat One - Shot gives us a slice of life with this character as he works up a plan to steal the cheese from the local festival. The story is fast-paced, imaginative and the fourth fall breaks are well placed which got a chuckle out of me. The Baron is a great all-ages story and I wouldn't mind seeing more of the character in the funny papers or in his own series.

Rating: 8/10

Cyko Ko! 2 (of 3)

Rob Feldman (Writer Pencils & Cover) • Peter Simeti (Editor)

Brian Fraim & Brendon Fraim (Breakdowns) •Toon360 (Background)

• AlternaComics (Publisher) Get it Now From AlternaAccess.com

Cyko Ko! Is more in line with a traditional superhero comic. It would easily fit in between Scooby-Doo and The Jetsons if it was on television. I love the design and art direction for Cyko Ko! The art is bright, simple, and stylized. The characters are all distinct and fit right in line with the light tone of the series.

In this Issue, Cyko has to play bodyguard to an Injured stuntman. What he doesn't know is that the "Evil Chen" has made a clone of Cyko and has sent him to the hospital in order to assassinate him.

The Characters are funny with colorful personalities to match. The pace of the comic moves quickly but not too fast as to lose track of what's going on. The comics work as a single issue or as a part of an ongoing mini-series.

Rating: 8/10

I never felt that I was missing any part of the story in either issue but I do believe that both comics would have benefited in some capacity by a brief recap. In Baron Rats' case, it would have been nice to have a recap of his history with Mr. Crypt.

With Cyko Ko! a brief character description would have have been sufficient. I don't have a huge problem with not having a recap for either issue but having something there would make an entry for new readers easier, especially those coming in blind as I did.

Aside from those minor gripes, both issues are highly entertaining and I look forward to seeing more of these characters.

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