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Nightwing/Magilla Gorilla #1 Review - Gorillas in the midst...

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Heath Corson (Writer) • Tom Grummett & Tom Derenick (Pencils)

Pete Patazis (Colorist) • Marcus To & Irma Knivila (Cover)

Evan "Doc" Shaner (Variant Cover)DC Comics (Publisher)

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I often heap praise on the DC/Hanna Barbera Crossovers. It's no surprise that I enjoyed this comic. This is the first time reading one of these issues that I got the impression that it would be even better on screen, in live action or as an animated feature.

Dick Grayson receives a call from the Hollywood agent Mel Pebbles inviting him to come to Hollywood to meet his client. Upon arrival Grayson discovers that the client is Magilla Gorilla, one of the most decorated actors in Hollywood.

Magilla wants to adapt Dick's time as one of the Flying Grayson's to the big screen. Dick declines the offer which sends Magilla into a huge rage with Pebbles. Later that evening while sitting in his hotel room Dick gets a notification that Pebbles has been murdered and that the prime suspect is Magilla.

This issue is amazing. The story starts off with an interesting premise and as the issue goes on the tension builds and by the end, I was blown away by how well this mystery was executed. This may well be my favorite comic starring Nightwing ever. I can't recall ever seeing Magilla before this issue but the character instantly endears himself and holds his own next to Nightwing as co-star. It feels weird to say but the Co-leads have excellent chemistry. The dialogue feels real and is a credit to the excellent script. Heath Corson really has a feel for these characters

The art provided by Tom Grummett and Tom Derenick is varied and energetic. The scenes constantly shift locations and settings so there's always something fun to look at on the page.. The artists split the issue handling the action and slower detective elements of the issue deftly. The colors are generally bright and fitting for the Hollywood setting and colorful personalities. I'm gushing but the issue has great art direction overall.

I have nothing but praise for this issue. I really wish that the DC Hanna Barbera/DC stories could be adapted in some other medium. Although the initial pitch may seem strange the execution is generally great and will always leave you wanting more.

Rating 10/10