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Dick Tracy Dead or Alive #2 Review

Lee Allred (Author) • Michael Allred (Author, Cover Artist, Inker)

Rich Tommaso (Cover Artist, Penciler) • Laura Allred (Colorist)

IDW (Publisher)

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So after the wonderful setup in issue #1 the premise of the series is laid out here. After Big Boy is arrested all of the assets used to bribe the crooked officers dry up until a new mob boss arrives to consolidate power.

The new boss starts funneling money back into the hands of mobsters and the bribes resume causing Tracy to lose support amongst the ranks of the officers.

Eventually, Tracy is informed of a conspiracy to turn the police against him and given the advice that he should run.

Dick Tracy DOA #2 is another great read. The plot and art seem simple but the story is an example of classic golden age storytelling. The heroes are heroes and the bad guys are clearly bad guys with few exceptions.

The art continues to impress and the script is fast paced and hilarious. The opening pages of this issue got a laugh out loud reaction from me. The stakes are raised in this issue and it will be fun to see how this story develops. This story is straightforward. Its not the deepest or most original premise but it's true to the character and fun.

Dick Tracy isn't going up against deformed Monsters anymore. He's fighting his own kind.

Rating: A

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