• Baraka

Zero Jumper #4 (of 4) Review - A little bundle of Awesomeness!!!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Patrick Mulholland (writer-pencils)

Alternacomics (Publisher)

We all have movies that we catch midway through and wish we'd caught them from the start. Zero Jumper is that comic for me. I missed the first 3 issues and got the fourth issue with my AlternaComic Subscription.

Even with no context for the series this issue is amazing from start to finish and works as an epic conclusion or as a solo issue which is a solid testament to the writing and editorial direction.

In this issue, we get an epic confrontation between the Protagonist Jono and our villain. The art direction is also elevated by the deft script that adequately moves the story along with no wasted dialogue or fluff. This is a desperate end all be all standoff and is treated as such.

Another standout element of the issue is the fight choreography. It would be easy to just show the fighters throwing energy blasts at each other but the panel layout of the issue takes it a step further. We see our hero try and fail, we get misdirects we get an epic finish and bittersweet conclusion.

Zero Jumper #4 is amazing and now I have to get the trade.

Rating: 10/10