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The Curse of Brimstone #5 Review - The Children of the Damned...

Updated: Jan 23

Justin Jordan (Writer) •Philip Tan, Jose Luis & Inaki Miranda (Pencils)

• Philip Tan & Rain Beredo (Cover Artists) •Rain Beredo (Colorist)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now - Comixology

I continue to enjoy every issue of The Curse of Brimstone. Issue #5 was no exception. I'm a fan of the superhero genre as well as horror and this series has proven to be a perfect blend of both.

In this issue, we're put into a "Village of the Damned", "Children of the Corn" type of setting where all of the adults have been killed and the horror comes from what would usually be the most innocent among us.

The premise is great as we continue to see our leads running from one nightmare situation to the next. The children are being brainwashed by what appears to be another of the salesman's minions.

At this point, the formula should be somewhat tiring but the villains have been so imaginative and beautifully rendered by the art team that I can't help but be intrigued and impressed.

The only knock I have on this issue is that there's are two back to back pages where Joe (Brimstone) repeats the same line of dialogue. It's a glaring editorial oversight in an otherwise tight narrative.

The Curse of Brimstone #5 is a great issue and the first part of a new story arc. If you're a fan or new to the series this is a great entry point to the series.

Rating: 9/10

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