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Heroes in Crisis #3 Review - Hello Darkness My Old Friend...

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Tom King (Writer) • Clay Mann & Lee Weeks (Pencils)

• Clay Mann & Tomeu Morey (Cover Artists) • Tomeu Morey (Colorist)

Ryan Sook (Variant Cover) • DC Comics (Publisher)

• Get it now (Comixology)

I'm beginning to lose my patience with Heroes in Crisis. It's not horrible but I'm questioning the point of the series. I was willing to give the creative team the benefit of the doubt. King has a decent track record and is one of the best comic writers scripting comics today.

The art from Clay Mann and Lee Weeks is just as good as prior issues but the events found in this particular series can be best described as the following: meh, middling, mediocre, or meandering at best.

We get to see more heroes in even more depressing situations. We also get more insight into their mental states as well as the events leading to the deaths at Sanctuary. I have a theory regarding what's actually going on at sanctuary but I'll keep that to myself for now.

The main problem while reading the issue is the uneven tone. The situation is pretty bleak for all of the heroes at the sanctuary. Half are down and depressed the rest seem to want to die. Considering the hopeful demeanor of some of the heroes involved here, Heroes in Crisis almost feels like a deliberate character assassination.

In addition to being a thoroughly depressing read at points, you also have the weird repetitive dialogue that Tom King is using over in his Batman run. He also mixes in humor that doesn't land because it doesn't fit the rest of the book. It's not fun and after several pages, the whole book just became an uneven slog to read.

I read comics for a lot of reasons. None of which are to see heroes that I've grown up reading debating suicide. Some may say this makes for a better hero but it feels wrong to destroy existing characters in this way.

Heroes in Crisis #3 is a beautiful comic but this seems like the wrong story for the heroes being used to tell it.

Rating: 5/10

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