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Blood Realm #1 Review

Robert Geronimo (Author - Artist) • Thomas Mauer (Letters)

Alternacomics (Publisher) • Get it now - Comixology

Blood Realm #1 is proof that you shouldn't read fantasy comics while drunk. I read the issue a couple days ago and passed out confused dreaming of hellscapes. I read it again the following day and loved it.

In a last ditch effort to save the kingdom of men from total annihilation. The queen of Voragoth dispatches the Sisters of Silence to obtain a relic powerful enough to stop the Evil General, Gorn.

Blood Realm is a very dense read packed into a single issue floppy. At times I was lost but always intrigued by the story and imagery. If you are a fan of "Dragon Age" "Willow" or "The Lord of the Ring's" you'll be right at home with this series.

The art style is very stylistic so that may be a negative in some circles. I enjoyed it because it reminded me of the art direction from Dragon Age 2 and DA: Inquisition. The colors are a stark mix of black's, whites and reds that make Robert's pencils stand out even more. Blood Realm is a beautifully dark fantasy setting.

There is an addendum to the issue explaining the key characters and events for the series. I appreciate the world building being done in this issue. The storytelling is very efficient which brings me to my key concern for the series. How do you wrap up a world and story this complex in a 3 issue mini-series?

I'm willing to give it a shot because I was thoroughly entertained but my god man!!!

Rating B

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