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Stranger Things #1 Review

Jody Houser (Author) • Stefano Martino (Pencils)

Clayton Crain (Cover Artist) •Lauren Affe (Colorist)

Dark Horse Comics (Publisher) • Get it now (Comixology)

Stranger Things #1 feels like a story we've been told before from a different angle. It delivers what you expect but not much beyond that.

I haven't followed the story behind this series. It appears to be a prequel or companion piece to the hit Netflix series but I'm not 100% sure what direction the comic will go in.

The Story treads familiar territory. Will Byers is trapped in the "Upside Down" searching for a way back home while the demogorgon stalks him. We get to see more of Will's attempts to escape from his perspective and we also get cameo's from the rest of the party.

Will Byer's is the star of the series for a change.

The pencils from Stefan Martino add atmosphere are appropriately spooky but the colors are kinda drab throughout the issue. The comic feels like Stranger Things, just not as fun as the show. It's nice to get more insight into the events of Season 1 but I'm somewhat underwhelmed at the prospect of retreading familiar territory.

Rating: C

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