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Shazam #1 Review

Geoff Johns (Author) • Dale Eaglesham (Pencils)

• Dale Eaglesham & Alex Sinclair (Cover Artists)

Gary Frank & Brad Anderson (Variant) • Mike Atiyeh (Colorist)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now: Amazon

If Shazam was a video game I would have started with a full life bar and ended at about 80% by the end of the issue. That's not to say the comic was bad by any stretch of the imagination but my interest drained as the issue went on.

I'm new to the Shazam mythos and have no history with the character outside of cameos and basic working knowledge of the character and his abilities. I was excited to see that the comics begins in a similar fashion to the movie trailer and felt familiar. I was totally onboard.

I was then immediately annoyed when it turns out that Shazam will more than likely be a team book (Didn't see that one coming did ya?)

The team aspect actually works and the story is well told. All of the art and character designs are vibrant and fun to look at. There is a lot of detail in this comic and it reminds me of the art direction of Doomsday clock if the artist was ever able to cut loose. The characters also all have distinct personalities to match the colorful costumes.

So what's the problem?

As stated above I don't have any experience with Billy Batson and issue is split with several other characters. It's like if Marvel launched a new Spider-Man book and it turned out it was Spiderverse. It's an example of false advertising. The comic should have been called Marvel family or something. This could all be a red herring but It too early to say at this point in the run.

Outside of the minor/major gripe the book is well written and pretty to look at. Maybe a little short on action but entertaining nevertheless. I'll be back next issue but I'm not sure if this group of characters will carry my interest. It's not a bad comic, just not what I paid for.

Rating B

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