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Sideways #8 Review

Dan Didio (Author) • Max Raynor & Kenneth Rocafort (Pencils)

• Kenneth Rocafort (Cover Artists) • Daniel Brown (Colorist)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now: Amazon

After 2 really disappointing issues Sideways #8 gets the series back on track and allows Dan Didio to focus on the Superhero elements of the character.

After being pulled into the dark multiverse by Zatanna and the Seven Soldiers of Victory Derek (Sideways) quickly finds that his powers do not work in this realm leaving them trapped in dangerous territory.

They are attacked by the villain's minions, a horde of giant spider-like creatures. As the heroes begin to be overwhelmed Zatanna teleports Sideways away and into another potentially dangerous situation.

I've been saying since #1 of this series that the weakest aspect of the Sideways character is his civilian persona. This issue proves it. As Sideways, Derek is brave, heroic, and funny. As soon as he removes the costume the magic is over and the cringefest begins.

This comic gives us a glimpse of the dark multiverse and isn't as heavy-handed as other series that touch on the universe. It's an appropriately creepy place and the creatures there are horrifying.

I loved the designs of all of the characters and it's funny to see Mister Miracle in another series outside of the Tom King run. I'm pretty sure these aren't the same people despite the moniker. There is a ton of details in the background. Max, Ken and Dan do a great job with the art direction and the issue looks great. The comic is well paced and a genuine breath of fresh air as the series was starting to fade fast.

Rating B

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