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Bloodshot Salvation #8 Review

Jeff Lemire (Author) • Renato Guedes (Pencils)

Kenneth Rocafort (Cover Artists)

Gerardo Zaffino (Variant Cover) • Valiant (Publisher)

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Bloodshot Salvation is another series I've followed closely but haven't really talked about much. It's one of the best series of 2018 and is one of the better ongoing narratives I've followed for any length of time.

This isn't the best issue to jump in but it's entertaining nevertheless. Bloodshot and his dog Bloodhound enter the "Deadside" in order to save his daughter, Jessie. After the events of the last issue Bloodshot finds himself surrounded by demonic creatures but before he's overwhelmed there is a timely rescue by Shadowman. After they are safe Shadowman offers to take Bloodshot to meet "The Dealmaker, Baron Samedi.

The plot detours a bit and we're provided with an update on the ongoing subplot with Danny and Peter. Danny has been injected with the same nanites that Bloodshot has running in his veins. He says he feels more alive than ever and offers to be Peter's weapon to fix the world.

Bloodshot makes a deal with Samedi in order to save his daughter. Samedi wants someone killed to which Bloodshot agrees. When he asks who the target is Samedi's response is does it matter?

With the arrangement made Bloodshot is sent to the year 4002 while Jessie is sent to the present, no longer an infant but a young girl.

This issue is amazing from beginning to end. Jeff Lemire has a great take on these characters and the script is top notch. Special consideration goes to Renato Guedes. There is a ton of attention to detail all over this comic as well as a cinematic quality rarely seen in mainstream comics.

The Deadside is also a very imaginative concept. With scenes and panels being scrambled to give the appearance that time, space and events are being replayed over and over again.

We don't need Baron Samedi to tell us that time doesn't operate the same way in this realm. The art direction makes it clear.

This is a beautiful comic and master class in team cohesion coming together to tell a great story. The only gripe I have with this comic is there isn't much to the recap. I won't hold it against the book because the comic opens strong and ends on an even stronger cliffhanger.

Bloodshot #8 is a masterpiece!

Rating A

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