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It Came out on a Wednesday #3 Review

Bernie Gonzalaz (Cover Artist) • Alterna Comics (Publisher)

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It came out on a Wednesday is an anthology series in the vein of Marvel's 90's comic series "Marvel Comics Presents" or classic series such as Heavy Metal or EC's Tales from the Crypt and Vault of Horror.

It's hard to really critique a series that is possibly the best value proposition on store shelves. That being said, the issue is 49 pages with ads for the price of 1.99. Simply put, you can't beat this deal.

This issue contains has a beautiful Jack Kirby style cover from Bernie Gonzalez and features 6 stories that break down into

1. Emergence

Jordan Hart (Author) • Emmanuel Xerx Javier (Pencils)

Emergence follows a World War II pilot that has fallen through into a parallel universe and winds up 70 years into the future. He discovers that he may be the world's last best hope.

2. Inosculation

Cameron Riddle (Author) • Kostas Pantoulas (Pencils)

Jack's Mother always warned him not to wander off into the woods. It turns out the reason was more horrifying than he could ever have imagined.

3. Mr. Crypt

Troy Vevasis (Author) • Aleksandar Jovic (Pencils)

Mr. Crypt & Baron Rat celebrate Halloween, shenanigans ensue.

4. Hellgorythm

Jeremy Ferretti (Author) • SickJoe (Pencils)

The enemies are closing in on Xar and Sid. Will they survive? Loyalties will be tested.

5. The Highest Bid

Eric Gahagan (Author) • Halil Mete (Pencils)

Edward and Jennifer shared a passion for collecting until Edward becomes the highest bidder on a painting with a haunting secret.

6. The Wicked Righteous

Terry Mayo (Author) • Dave Swartz (Pencils)

A prisoner in an abandoned cell block prays to his god for a sign. Will he take the opportunity when it presents itself.

All of the stories in the issue are interesting with the standouts being the "Emergence" and the "Inosculation". Emergence covers classic sci-fi tropes in an exciting way. Inosculation is simply horrifying.

Credit to all of the creators involved in this project. A series like this from the Big 2 (Marvel DC) would be $10.00 and thats not a hyperbolic statement. With mainstream publishers pushing monthly issue prices higher and higher to satisfy investor expectations, Alterna Comics and series like "It came out on a Wednesday" are a godsend.

Individual Ratings

1. Emergence - B

2. Inosculation- A

3. Mr. Crypt - A

4. Hellgorythm - C

5. The Highest Bid - B

6. The Wicked Righteous: Genesis - C

Overall Rating B

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