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William Gibson & Johnnie Christmas (Author)

• Johnnie Christmas (Pencils) • Paolo Rivera & Joe Rivera (Cover Artists)

• Tamra Bonvillain (Colorist) • Dark Horse Comics (Publisher)

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Well that was uneventful...

Alien #3 is based on the unreleased screenplay from William Gibson. I'm excited to see where this story goes as this issue has already subverted events that happened in the 90's film. That being said this comic is really boring.


What kills the momentum of the issue is the uneven pacing. It starts off fast but slows down to a crawl. Even with the interesting reveals they

dont save the book. Newt, Hicks, and Ripley are all alive and the android Bishop makes an appearance. Any fan of Aliens will be happy to see them return.

The problem is that all of the other connecting tissues for the comic is bland. The atmosphere for the comic is creepy but the pencils and colors appear to be a bit too clean which lessen the horror atmosphere. There are a couple unsettling moments in this issue but I can't recommend it except to Alien diehards and completionists.

Hopefully the pace and excitement picks up next issue. It's not a terrible start but very underwhelming.

Rating C

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