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Rainbow Brite #2 Review

Jeremy Whitley (Author) • Brittney Williams (Pencils)

Paulina Ganucheau (Cover Artist) • Valentina Pinto (Colorist)

Dynamite (Publisher) • Get it now: Amazon

I enjoyed this book but the post read impression I had afterward was that issues 1-2 needed to be combined into a double sized comic. Audiences would have loved it especially since Rainbow Brite doesn't technically show up until this issue.

Enough with the spilled milk.

Wisp and Twink are on the run. After escaping some of the colorless creatures they stop and provide some exposition regarding the situation. Twink says that each "Color" has a guard but the color guards have been captured and the "Color" mines are being sealed off. This is why the locations have the washed out appearance.

Wisp also explains that while each color has a guardian there is a champion that can control all colors, "Rainbow Brite". He suggests that Wisp become Rainbow Brite. At first, she objects but he replies that she has all of the qualities needed and that he needs her help. Wisp relents and they make an attempt to obtain the Star Scepter and belt.

We get another beautifully rendered cover by Paulina Ganucheau. Jeremy Whitley has provided an excellent script that moves the character forward but still feels like a legit origin to the classic character.

The story has a lot going for it. The backstory is interesting and is surprisingly complex for an all ages book. Wisp is a great character. She's charming and likable and most importantly empathic and selfless. These are qualities that we need to see more of in today's world as the classic hero trope appears to be dying off in many instances.

I also loved the contrast between the drained world and the power that Rainbow Brite is able to harness. It's a beautiful scene when she finally transforms. In my last review I said that the colorist would be the one to make or break this series and its nice to see that Valentina has nailed it.

This series could easily translate into a rebooted animated series or movie and I'm beginning to pick up a "Kingdom Hearts" vibe from this setting. The pencils continue to grow on me and it's pretty epic to see Rainbow Brite finally shows up. Outside of one weird panel I can't find much to complain about. I wish that this was either the first issue or that both were combined. On its own this is another solid single issue and I can't wait for the next one.

Rating B

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